Life Balance Tips – Have You Tried This?

Do you want to achieve a balanced life, but are not sure where to start? Need life balance tips? Work life balance The focus here is often on work life balance. And with good reason. The UK’s Mental Health foundation found a staggering 40 per cent of those surveyed neglected other parts of their life … [Read Entire Story]

Always Feeling Let Down By Others? This Could Be Why

Always feeling let down by others? Perhaps you explain it as ‘bad luck’ or ‘being too nice’. But if being let down is something that keeps happening in your life, then the common denominator is you. What behaviour might you unknowingly be playing out that actually creates a life where everyone lets you down? And how … [Read Entire Story]

Introverts in the Workplace – How Can You Cope?

From open space environments to team building events, modern work life is rarely geared to introverts in the workplace. How can you navigate expectations and succeed in a workplace geared to extroverts if you are an introvert? Are you actually an introvert?  The word ‘introvert’ is very misunderstood. Introvert and shyness are not synonyms, nor is … [Read Entire Story]

“Is My Boss a Sociopath?” How to Know (And Why It Matters)

Your boss is controlling and mean. And you find yourself asking, “is my boss a sociopath?” And what should you do if so? Is your boss a sociopath? “Sociopath” is a misused term. What you probably want to ask  is, “does my boss have narcissistic personality disorder?”. Narcissistic personality disorder (NDP) can include such traits … [Read Entire Story]

The Stress of Dealing With Difficult People at Work – What Can Help?

Is workplace stress eroding your psychological health? And is it dealing with the difficult people at work that you find most challenging? Not sure you are stressed or actually depressed? Take our quiz to find out. Do you feel taken advantage of by colleagues? If you are constantly complaining that others are using you at … [Read Entire Story]

Impostor Syndrome – Is it Sabotaging Your Career?

Do you tend to dismiss your career success as “just good luck”? Doubt your ability to do things, even when a lot of the time you end up perfectly capable? It could be you are afflicted by “impostor syndrome”, a term some psychologists use to describe an inability to recognise your own success, competence and … [Read Entire Story]

Staying Sane in Today’s Changing Workplace

Whereas once a career meant working for a national or multinational company and having a job title with clear responsibilities, it’s far from the norm nowadays. In what has now been termed “the Freelance Economy”, there has been a huge rise in a new sort of worker. Some choose contracts over being on the payroll, others are … [Read Entire Story]