What is Reparenting?

Did you have a parent who struggled to give you the unconditional love and safety you needed as a child? Do you find that now, as an adult, you have difficult relationships? Or struggle to trust others? Reparenting might be a therapy tool for you. *Note that this article refers to psychotherapeutic reparenting, not any … [Read Entire Story]

Is Transactional Analysis Therapy Right For You?  

Transactional analysis therapy troubleshoots your social interactions and improves your self-awareness.  Created in the 1950s as a challenge to the then popular psychoanalysis, it aimed to be a therapy that was more accessible and produced measurable results. The result is that TA is a structured and practical system to create change in your relationships and life.  … [Read Entire Story]

What is Transactional Analysis?

Are you interested in a form of therapy that helps you troubleshoot the ways you behave around others?  Would you like to understand why are one way around one person, and entirely different with another?  Then transactional analysis might be for you. What is transactional analysis? Transactional analysis is interested in the interactions between people. … [Read Entire Story]

The Benefits of Therapy – According to Carl Rogers

Esteemed American psychologist Dr. Carl Rogers (1902 – 1987) was one of the founders of humanistic psychology, and went on to create person-centred psychotherapy. Carl Rogers was very committed to improving the benefits of therapy — how can a therapist best help a client? His decision to move away from the idea [Read Entire Story]

What is Relational Therapy and Can It Help You?

Do you often find that your relationships are affecting your mood? Are you anxious when it comes to social situations like the workplace? Or do you have a tendency to push people away even if you want them to like you? Relational therapy might be for you. What is relational therapy? Arising from the psychodynamic … [Read Entire Story]

The Cognitive Approach – What Therapies Use It, How Does It Help?

Cognitive therapies have their roots as far back as the 1950s and 1960s. They arose as a response to the then popular psychodynamic school of thought, which focuses on looking back into the past to find your unconscious drives and hidden emotions. The cognitive approach came along and suggested that we look at the power of … [Read Entire Story]

Inner Child Work – What Is It and Can You Benefit?

‘Working with your inner child’ can sound a bit out there. But the inner child is a psychotherapeutic concept that arose with Jung, and many therapists use forms of inner child work as a powerful tool to help clients. Could you benefit? What is ‘inner child work’? We were all at one time children. And … [Read Entire Story]

Internet Therapy – What You Need to Know for a Good Session

It can be nerve wracking to have your first internet therapy appointment. Even if you have tried counselling before, internet therapy feels different, and comes with some slightly different protocols. How can you prepare for your first online therapy session? Not sure if internet therapy is right for you? Read our connected piece, “Is Skype Counselling Right For You?”. … [Read Entire Story]

What is Existential Psychotherapy?

When existential therapy came into being it was rather revolutionary, in that it believes in finding ways to improve wellbeing not by looking to psychology or to medicine, but to philosophy. What is existential psychotherapy? It is a talk therapy that recognises that the meaning and purpose we feel in life is hugely important to … [Read Entire Story]

Brief Therapy – Does it Really Work and Is it For You?

What is brief therapy? Brief therapy, also called “short-term therapy” or “time-limited therapy”,  is any talk therapy which has a limited time span. How limited is usually decided between you and your therapist in the first few sessions. It could be as few as 10 appointments, or as many as 24 or more. Which talk therapies are brief ones? The … [Read Entire Story]

The Different Types of Therapists – Which One Is For You?

You have finally gathered the courage to see a therapist, only to be faced with a confusing array of titles and qualifications you don’t understand. Just what are the differences between a counsellor and a psychotherapist? How is a psychotherapist different than a counselling psychologist? Or a psychiatrist? And which one is for you? PSYCHOTHERAPIST … [Read Entire Story]