Awakened and Being at a Loss for Words

Spiritual awakening and other major spiritual shifts can leave us at a total loss for words.And why would we have words for these shifts?Our words and vocabulary are built around what we know, and so if we are taken into a brand new experience and/or set of experiences, then we very rarely know how to describe what is going on. It's to be expected.What comes next is a time of finding those words and learning how to understand what has arisen. The more powerful the spiritual experience, the more time it may take to settle down and understand. Additionally, if someone awakens, a lot of energy moves and creates a lot of … [Read Entire Story]

3 Most Popular 2017 Spiritual Awakening Posts

I write so many blog posts each year. Some are hits and some aren't. These 3, however, got a whole lot of love, and so I'm re-sharing them to get them even more love. If you haven't read them, enjoy! If you have read them, then please share this link with others to help them on their spiritual paths.Without further ado, here are the 3 most popular spiritual awakening blog posts that I wrote in 2017.#1 Awakened and Overcome by Crazy Feelings [Read Entire Story]

Is Kundalini Dangerous?

I occasionally get asked if Kundalini is dangerous, and it's an interesting question to answer. Firstly, I have to figure out what assumptions people have about Kundalini and spirituality. I also have to find out what their intentions are. A lot of people come to the spiritual path with a lot of different intentions. Very few actually want spiritual freedom, and Kundalini energy is a doorway towards spiritual freedom.On that note, let me cover a couple basics to best answer this question.What is [Read Entire Story]

What Should I Do After Awakening?

It's pretty common for people to want to know what to do after awakening. But there are a couple of key elements that we need to be clear about to answer this question properly. One of which is, "What is awakening?" The other is around the timeframe. Are we talking about immediately after awakening? Are we talking about three years after awakening?So let me take a moment to answer these different questions so that [Read Entire Story]

Burning up in the Fire of Divine Grace

Burning up our unconscious ego self is not appreciated in common everyday society. It's not like we're standing on the corner talking to our friend, Jiff, on the way to work, and we'd say, "Yep. I'm burning up a lot of ego today. Feeling really raw and hollowed out." And Jiff would say, … [Read Entire Story]

Why Spiritual Awakening Can Make People Solitary

Many people have an image of the spiritual path as inherently solitary. They think that the only way to "achieve enlightenment" is to go it alone, but that is simply not the case. The spiritual path is always around us and within us. There is no where you can go where it is not. You can certainly go where life is hard and dangerous, but that is not separate from the spiritual path. Until we can see all of life as interconnected, as one, we will not heal as a people, and we'll collectively make the same mistakes again and again. In this way, understanding that wherever you are is the perfect spiritual path … [Read Entire Story]

7 Popular Spiritual Awakening Questions

I get more than a few questions about spiritual awakening for obvious reasons, but there are a couple that come up repeatedly. Hopefully the following list will have one of your questions. If the question isn't in this list, however, I've probably answered it at some point somewhere on this blog.If you can't find what you are seeking, I am always happy to answer questions through my contact form. For those who have awakened or want support [Read Entire Story]

Feeling Alienated After Awakening

One of the common feelings people have after a spiritual awakening is of being alienated from other people in their life. Well, usually, this experience comes after any blissful experience that may have arisen.For many people at the very outset of a spiritual awakening, they have a bliss phase, which ultimately does not last. No human experience lasts. As they come out of that particular experience, they suddenly notice that most people aren't remotely interested in changing behaviors to be in alignment with love and truth, and some people … [Read Entire Story]

Emptying Out Your Ego

After awakening, it typically becomes a going-out-of-business sale for the unconscious ego. Everything must go. Sure, some people get a bliss high for awhile, but that never lasts. No human experience does.This leads us right into the going-out-of-business sale, although it's not even a sale. It's more like you take all your ideas, desires, fears, hopes, issues, expectations, and pile them in your yard while setting them… [Read Entire Story]

Lost in Spiritual Bliss: Reclaiming Your Self From the Trap of Good Feelings

The big bang hits–or perhaps an understated shift that ripples profoundly, and you wake up. Life is no longer the same. One moment it was this way. The next moment everything was different, and for some of you, that opening of realization and clarity brings enormous spiritual bliss.Now, I'm not talking about a good-feeling, spiritual high that lasts a few  hours or maybe days if that. I'm talking about the bliss state that can last weeks or months or even years. Yes, it can feel so good that you never want to come back… [Read Entire Story]

Focusing on Reality

A great spiritual tool for growing in consciousness after a spiritual awakening is simply this: focus on reality.What is real right now?What is actually happening in your current physical experience?So often our triggers lead to inner threats about our future or repeats of past pains, and they have no bearing on what is actually happening in the moment. When the mind is this out-of-sync with reality, this shines a big bright light on problems with the ego. Along with that, seeing that we aren't in any actual danger allows us to let go more deeply to process whatever pain that may be surfacing. Remember that a past event we are feeling … [Read Entire Story]

Spiritual Awakening Stages

Anyone who has been reading this spiritual awakening blog for some time knows that I avoid overly linear, goal-oriented language. Too many people are way too stuck in their egos, and they want to turn spirituality into a race to the finish line replete with awards and high-fives. But there is no finish line. There's just this moment, and that's more than enough to find our happiness and love. It's the only place to find it too, and fortunately, it's always where we are.But our egos have learned how to piece together life events and time into linear mental stories. Think of a lot of what you think as a kind… [Read Entire Story]

5 Types of Spiritual Awakening Sleep Problems and Insomnia

Spiritual awakening shifts around a lot of stuff in our inner worlds, and having all the inner furniture moving can certainly cause a lot of ruckus in other rooms in our inner home. One notable room is how we sleep. Because sleep is one of the fundamental elements of being a human being, not getting enough or not getting the right kind of sleep directly impacts how you … [Read Entire Story]

Am I Having a Spiritual Awakening?

I get this question a lot: "Am I having a spiritual awakening?" The short answer is probably not. Spiritual awakening–as I define it–is actually quite rare. That doesn't mean that you're not having a spiritual shift, but allow me to expand your spiritual vocabulary. Our English language is quite lacking in this regard, and while I am making up definitions, they're only meant to be pointers to help you address your situation appropriately.Because there are all kinds of spiritual shifts. Spiritual shift is my over-arching term for pretty much any … [Read Entire Story]

10 Fun Spiritual Things To Do

I know that this spiritual awakening blog can be pretty serious a lot of the time, but the spiritual path isn't always fraught with constant emotional purging, hours of meditation, and a whole host of difficult and challenging things. Rather, this is usually at the forefront because it's on top of all of your abilities to enjoy life. Your joy and bliss are just bursting to get out of you, but a huge layer of self-judgment, anger, lack of self-worth, old trauma, and whatever else depending on your particular cocktail of pain and issues (and we all have them) … [Read Entire Story]

Spiritual Awakening Body Changes and Rebirth

I haven't written about the body and physical aspects of spiritual awakening in some time, so I felt like circling back to this topic. I expect to talk about it much more next year, which will be dedicated to the awakened body. This is the year of the awakened heart; there's … [Read Entire Story]

Overreacting to Your Spiritual Awakening Transformation

One of the all too common realities that happens during the process of realizing their spiritual awakening is that people overreact. Overreacting to the pain and discomfort arising within us creates further pain and discomfort. It can and has gotten more than a few people into a lot of trouble. Whether they're making drastic and excessive… [Read Entire Story]

Avoiding Parts of Your Spiritual Work

Many of you will become very adept at certain tools and addressing certain issues within you. This is a wonderful thing. Having accepted that certain issues needed to be addressed, you found the spiritual tools to help you open, accept, embrace, and release these issues. Each time you've let go, you've found more of yourself in return, and there may even be a sense of accomplishment that is trying to grow up here–but don't pay too much attention to that.However, we are dynamic individuals with multiple aspects. As such, we heal and expand in many ways and on multiple levels on the spiritual path. Where one tool was the elixir of life and the salve for our wounds on one level, it… [Read Entire Story]

Spiritual Awakening and Forgetfulness

Spiritual awakening brings about many shifts for most people. There is no one way to describe since all of you are so individual and unique. Through that uniqueness, your shifts express themselves differently. As I often like to point out, there are many types of spiritual shifts beyond the spiritual awakening shift that gets talked about most. They are all equally beautiful, and there is certainly a lot of similarities and overlap in experience. The spiritual space doesn't really have hard dividing lines. In general, it is a space that is erasing those divisions as we all come back to union.But along the way, we often find ourselves in seemingly unfamiliar territory, and as our minds seem to go through a … [Read Entire Story]

The Timeless Witness

The timeless witness or watcher is that space of clarity and oneness that reside in all of us. I often describe it like falling backwards out of myself and into everything so that even the original ego, "I," is not excluded, although initially there is this quality of separation that I feel. Through that initial separation, you may feel the claws of fear trying to hold you into your ego identity, and they may come at… [Read Entire Story]

Breaking Apart Mental, Emotional, and Physical Triggers

One way the shift into the awakened space can feel is like having your engine be taken apart and spread across the garage floor. You are suddenly very aware that this buggy ain't going no where, and you are exceptionally clear about what has actually been in your engine. In the past years, I felt like I re-did the engine multiple times too. It felt like I'd just get it all put back together, drive half a mile, and then stop for another upgrade. Good gravy.With all that said, having in-depth clarity about your inner workings is incredibly illuminating, but like most things, if you don't… [Read Entire Story]

Dietary Shifts and Food Needs in the Spiritual Awakening Process

The Maize of Dietary NeedsAs with everything else on the spiritual path, the body is also changed and metamorphosized. In spiritual awakening, we are realigning to what is true for ourselves: heart, mind, and body. Consequently, some of you have bigger or lesser shifts in your diet, depending on your relationship to food. For me, I have had quite a few shifts in my dietary needs, although it is probably more accurate to say that I had a lot of new insights into what my dietary needs actually are.So with that and with humility, let us start to delve into the topic of shifting into awareness of our body’s true dietary needs.The Food You Eat and… [Read Entire Story]


I had intended to write about the topic of forgiveness solely in regards to spiritual awakening and the embodying of spirituality in the heart, but given current recent events, I wanted to take a few moments to talk about the shootings at the elementary school in Connecticut.There are no words to fully describe how sad and awful this is. That an … [Read Entire Story]