Constantly Have Suicidal Thoughts? How to Manage

For some, the very thought of suicide feels shocking to consider. But suicidal thoughts are actually common.  Many people experience ongoing bouts of such distorted thinking. Even if we are aware that suicidal thoughts are a sign we need to change things, NOT end things, and we know they eventually go? It’s exhausting. How can … [Read Entire Story]

STORYTIME: My Mental Health with Pictures | Suicide, Psychosis, Self Harm | marieroseeee

Enlightening Talk: Male Solitude – The Dark Passenger

Men are human too and have feelings. Men deserve every respect and support just as much as women get when going through physical or mental issues. Men are not all Superman. The following video offers words of wisdom on men’s feelings of loneliness when confronted with depression or health problems, which can then tragically descend … Related posts: Enlightening Talks: Mark Passio – What in the World is Happening? Jiddu Krishnamurti: A Wholly Different Way of Living Enlightening Talks: The Matrix Trilogy Decoded by Mark Passio Enlightening Talks: Dr. Phil Valentine – Metaphysics Of The Matrix, Melanin & Mind Control Enlightening Talks: Rollo May – The Human Dilemma [Read Entire Story]