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Graphology Student’s Workbook: A Workbook for Group Instruction or Self Study

1975. Second Edition. Author: Ruth Gardner. Publisher: Llewellyn Pub. 138 pages. Large paperback. $ 337.77

You Can Heal Your Life Study Course

Based on the best-selling book of the same name, this audiobook shows you how to practice the principles of self-worth and self-esteem taught by Louise L. Hay. Listen as Louise teaches you how to transform negative beliefs and thoughts into positive, loving ones. By doing the exercises, and repeating the affirmations and new thought patterns, [More About This Book]

The Seat of the Soul: 25th Anniversary Edition with a Study Guide

With the same extraordinary skill that he used to demystify scientific abstraction and the new physics, Gary Zukay, the award-winning author of The Dancing Wu Li Masters, here takes us on a brilliant and penetrating exploration of the new phase of evolution we have now entered. With lucidity and elegance, Zukav explains that we are [More About This Book]

How to fight sleepiness while studying

8 ways to fight sleepiness while studying For students, cramming for a big test is often necessary, and this usually involves late nights. But late hours tend to equal sleepiness, and falling asleep during studying is often detrimental to grades.  How, though, can you fight sleepiness and fatigue while you study? Here are some simple tips to help you out! Drink more water The first is very easy to do, but most people do not know about it: Simply drink more water! Drinking water throughout the day is actually a pick-me-up. It regulates the body’s temperature and it revs up the… [Read Entire Story]