Feeling Spiritually Stuck?

People often get stuck after a spiritual awakening and in general on any spiritual path. There are many reasons why this happens, but one of the biggest ones is fear. People are afraid to let go of who they think they are and embrace being nobody. In that space of nobody-ness, they are infinite, but the ego does not understand this. It thinks you have to be a somebody and that your somebody-ness is critical to survival.Because… [Read Entire Story]

Skipping Steps on the Spiritual Path

The title of this spiritual blog post should make it obvious where I am going with this.You can't skip steps on the spiritual path.But people sure do try.One of my more favorite attempts at avoiding stuff is the "oneness" ego trick. The ego hears that there is nothing it can do to get closer to oneness. We are already one. Therefore, it believes that intellectually understanding this spiritual truth is enough. The ego doesn't investigate itself further nor all the attachments and illusions it has. That's all part of the oneness, right? So what difference does it make if you have a spiritual practice or not?There's a litany of problems with this thinking, and one of the central… [Read Entire Story]

Spiritual Awakening Crash and Burn

Everybody loves the bliss state. It's the state of awareness and feeling that is constantly confused as being the spiritual state that you're supposed to get. But the awakened awareness embraces all states of awareness. Now, life certainly feels a lot better when we aren't at war with ourselves, but as many of us stabilize and relax into awakened awareness, it feels more like a deep and abiding sense of peace and love that simply is. It's no big deal.When the bliss state first comes, it feels like a… [Read Entire Story]