Online Talk: An Explosion of Spiritual Discoveries

Sometimes, there are these bursts of spiritual discoveries. Maybe it’s therapy that opens up the mind. Maybe it’s a spiritual awakening. Maybe it’s nothing in particular, and for whatever reason God just hit the download button on the Divine computer. Then, spiritual epiphanies, realizations, and revelations by the gigabyte flow into someone’s noggin. I won’t say why or why not they happen, but when they do happen, it can be quite the experience.To be clear, these spiritual discoveries run the gamut of… [Read Entire Story]

Online Talk: Misunderstandings That Trap People on the Spiritual Path

With an over-abundance of spiritual information and spiritual practices now available online, never have spiritual seekers had so much access to spiritual support. In one day on the Internet, you can learn how to do kundalini yoga and meditate. Then you can listen to a half a dozen spiritual teachers from any spiritual tradition from anywhere … [Read Entire Story]

Recording: How to Heal on the Spiritual Path

In this spiritual talk, I delve into the topic of healing on the spiritual path. It is a topic that I am passionate about because humanity is so deeply wounded. Before we can even think about spiritual growth, we need to understand healing.First of all, needing healing doesn’t mean you are… [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Unmasking the Need for Safety

The need for safety is a topic that comes up repeatedly for people on the spiritual path. They want emotional safety, financial safety, and of course physical safety. There’s even a search for some kind of spiritual safety, although what that may mean varies widely by person.This drive for safety tends to have enormous amounts of fear in it, and … [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: How to Get Clear Intuitions

Intuition is our ability to know what is true for us. The better we are at hearing our intuitions, the more clearly we know what we want and want to do. It can extend out further into knowing how some things in life will unfold and how others are feeling, but it is far more important to focus on one's self and getting clear on how to listen to your intuition rather than figuring out anything about the future or for another.With that said, most people are really unclear with their intuitions. Some people who are strongly intuitive have their intuitions corrupted by fear and social conditioning that distort the energy they are interpreting. I want to… [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Spiritual Awakening and Body Transformations

A spiritual awakening takes you towards what is most true, natural, and healthy for you, and that includes your body. If your body wants more weight on it, it'll add weight as you shift and grow. If it wants less, it'll lose weight. If it wants different kinds of food, it'll make that request be known–loudly and clearly. It can be surprisingly… [Read Entire Story]

Webinar Recording: Embracing All of Your Emotions

Many people think that spirituality is a path that allows us to feel good all the time. This is not the human experience. It has never been the human experience, and I find it very difficult to foresee that it’ll ever be that way.Yet, many people are constantly trying to have only “positive” experiences and emotions, and this creates a tremendous shadow-side to their personality and ego. Anger, sadness, and fear get locked behind a door of false happiness and humility, and this creates tremendous inner pain as someone attempts to be happy or positive all the time.As many of you know, maturing on the spiritual path means embracing all of our emotions and experiences. It is also… [Read Entire Story]

Webinar Recording: Highly Sensitive People and Living a Spiritual Life

Once a year, I like to turn my attention to the topic of highly sensitive people. As a highly sensitive person, I understand a lot of the unsettling emotions and energies that are going on around me pretty much all the time, but because of the spiritual path, I’ve learned how to be at peace with a lot of it. I’ve also learned how to use those different energetic feelings to help me go… [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Highly Sensitive People and Living a Spiritual Life

Once a year, I like to turn my attention to the topic of highly sensitive people. As a highly sensitive person, I understand a lot of the unsettling emotions and energies that are going on around me pretty much all the time, but because of the spiritual path, I've learned how to be at peace with… [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Spiritual Awakening and Powerful Relationships

The spiritual path brings many interesting lessons and situations into our lives, and of course, all of those are dependent on the people who are part of our experiences. Especially after a spiritual awakening, there often are a lot of powerful relationships that arrive for people. For some people, those relationships were already here, but when you are open to receive, those relationships can finally expand to offer greater depths than before. For others, it really does seem like… [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Becoming a Modern Day Spiritual Teacher or Healer

Many of you will discover that you have a calling to become a spiritual teacher or healer as you grow on your spiritual journey. Others of you have always felt this pull within. And some of you will be quite surprised when people start putting you in places to teach or heal. Any way that you end up on the path of the spiritual teacher and healer is sacred, but it still involves work.In this webinar, I want to spend time talking about the dedication, self-care, and business of becoming a spiritual teacher and/or healer in our modern society. For those of you who have been dabbling or hard at work in this area already, this… [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Healing Physical Pain

In this webinar, I'm taking a look at some of the ways we can get to the roots of physical pain. On the spiritual path, we stay engaged with our pain to understand any part we may be playing in creating it. This is part of how we appreciate the law of interconnection within ourselves–all parts of relate to all other parts of us. As we cultivate our sensitivity to ourselves… [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Your Body and Awakening

Most of the long lists of awakening symptoms that you may have seen tend to comprise body ailments, but let's be honest with ourselves: not every sneeze we have is attributable to a spiritual awakening. In this webinar, I hope to debunk some of that as well as help you identify body sensations that are actually attributable to a spiritual awakening or spiritual shift. From there, we can talk about how to make adjustments to your life or spiritual practice in a way that addresses root causes instead of trying to ameliorate superficial symptoms (no matter how… [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Spiritual Breathing Tips

While I'm not sure that there's any real need to call this "spiritual breathing," perhaps it gets across the point that we're bringing more presence to our breath. I know that many of my students have really gotten an ear-full from me about breathing. It is the simplest and most present spiritual tool… [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Spiritual Awakening and Different Relationships

For this spiritual awakening webinar, I'm not talking about different relationships such as romantic relationships, friends, co-workers, and so forth. I'm going to talk about a deeper quality of relationships in regards to how they structurally function. I know. It sounds pretty sciency serious. Don't worry. Like everything I … [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Breaking Triggers Part 2

I know I recently had a spiritual webinar about breaking emotional, mental, and physical triggers, but people had lots of questions. I don't feel like we had enough time to get them all answered in the spirituality webinar we had a couple weeks ago. So I'm doing this topic again with a little more [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Making Conscious Decisions

This webinar was requested by one of my students. She has learned as many of us have learned that for most of our lives we have not made conscious decisions. We might not even have made one.To the unconscious ego (which of course thinks it's making all kinds of great decisions and that this webinar doesn't apply to you), this is a very humbling realization. It&#… [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Highly Sensitive People and Everyday Life

There is often a lot of confusion around being a highly sensitive person and someone who is spiritually shifting. Since the world is always shifting around us, a highly sensitive person feels like life is never safe or that they're in a never-ending set of transitions. This is usually because of lack of self-awareness and grounding. Even the most innocuous energy backdraft can send some people into a whirlwind.On the other side are the people moving through spiritual shifts or even spiritual awakening. Spiritual shifts naturally re-sensitize us to life, and as we feel more and more of what's going on around us, it can be quite unsettling. It can be like taking off a winter coat when… [Read Entire Story]

Spirituality Webinar: Releasing Issues

I talk a lot about releasing issues on this blog, so it is fitting to have a webinar focused on this topic. Whether it is grief, physical trauma, a past relationship that ended badly, or another old pain that is still stuck in us, it has to be released for us to be spiritually free. This plane accepts no carry-on baggage, and most of humanity is carrying quite a bit.In an interesting way, however, releasing an issue is often more of a transmutation of energy. All that grief dissolves into bliss. All that pain melts into joy. It may seem ironic, but the truth of the matter is that… [Read Entire Story]

Spirituality Webinar: Practicing With Your Intuition

I am constantly talking about using your intuition on this spirituality blog, but many of you may not feel very confident in what that is or how to use it. In this next webinar, I'll talk more about what intuition is and offer some simple, everyday ways that you can practice using it.As you get more comfortable with your intuition, your awareness expands, and you may see and notice things that you [Read Entire Story]

Spiritual Webinar: Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

For some many of you, walking your spiritual journey starts to open up amazing new abilities–skills and awareness that you never knew you had. For others just starting, you may be wondering what your spiritual gifts are and how to access them. I'll talk about those aspects of the spiritual path and more in my next webinar.The path to embracing your spiritual gifts is a path of letting go, as is most of the spiritual journey. The more you let go of your limitations, the more you open … [Read Entire Story]

Spirituality Webinar: Awakening and Relationships

Spiritual awakening tends to bring quite a shift in relationships as the relationship we have with ourselves is irrevocably shifted (in many ways, the relationship is gone because we melt into oneness). However, as many of you move through spaces of deep learning through relationships, that intensity can be very challenging as soulful lovers, deep soul connections with business partners, spiritual teachers, and other amazing new connections arise. Very quickly, there are also endings to old relationships and even the new relationships.So how do you make sense of it all?Webinar Title: Awakening and [Read Entire Story]