Finding Out You’re Wrong About Yourself

There are very few egos that like to find out that they're wrong, but a big part of the initial stages of the spiritual path show people just that. Particularly after a spiritual awakening, people find out that their ideas about themselves and about life are wrong in countless ways, and to go further on the spiritual path, they have to accept that. Yet, many people won't.It's surprising how much people prefer their illusions to reality, and even when reality continues to frustrate them and confound them, people will choose to be "right" about their beliefs, their self-concept, their … [Read Entire Story]

Online Talk: The Freedom of a Meaningless Life

We spend so much time assigning meaning to things that go on in life. Some of what we assign meaning to is really just a description of phenomena. For instance, you watch a leaf drop from a tree, and you say that means gravity is acting on the leaf to cause it to drop. You may say that is a sign that the leaf is dead. This is a useful way to describe life.However, there are many other meanings that we create that have nothing to do with actual phenomena or are incorrect assignments. A common wrong assignment of meaning is to say that a black cat crossing your path is going to bring you bad luck. This little bit of superstition is laughable to … [Read Entire Story]

How to Reconnect to Your Heart

I am regularly in sessions talking with students about how to open their hearts, so it felt like it was time to return to this topic because so many people have gotten so disconnected from their true sense of love and their openness to emotions.If you happen to feel very in touch … [Read Entire Story]

Shifting Perspectives: Walking Through a Weird Wonderland

Both spiritual healing and spiritual growth tend to bring about changes in perspective. Obviously, a spiritual awakening can bring about a dramatic change in perspective depending on the individual. The result is that at times you can feel like you're walking through a hallway of mirrors. You see all these warped and twisted versions of yourself and others, and it can trigger fear for more than a few people. When someone has essentially had only one perspective–has been looking into the same warped mirror–their whole lives, it is jarring to look into another mirror. It… [Read Entire Story]

Expanding Into New Levels of Consciousness

I want to start off by saying that I don't like the terms "levels." It's too problematic for most people on their spiritual journeys because most people are immature and think that there's somewhere to get to. If today I say there are 100 levels of consciousness, then somebody is going to think they have to get to level 100 to be safe, complete, happy, or something else. That's part of… [Read Entire Story]

Recording: Integrating Your Awakening

Integrating a spiritual awakening is a common topic for people in spiritual circles. What people mean by it, however, can vary, so let me explain my definition.There are two main ways that I intend to define this topic on this next free online talk. Firstly, a spiritual awakening illuminates how disintegrated we already are. What do I mean by this? I mean that our ego selves spend a lot of time cutting us up into this and not that. We can be smart, but not dumb. We can be ugly, which means we aren’t beautiful… [Read Entire Story]

Online Talk: Integrating Your Awakening

Integrating a spiritual awakening is a common topic for people in spiritual circles. What people mean by it, however, can vary, so let me explain my definition.There are two main ways that I intend to define this topic on this next free online talk. Firstly, a spiritual awakening illuminates how disintegrated we already are. What do I mean by this? I mean that our ego selves spend a lot of time cutting us up into this and not that. We can be smart, but not dumb. We can be ugly, which means we aren’t beautiful. This constant self-categorization… [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Spiritual Awakening and New Sensitivities

As people awaken or generally shift on their spiritual paths, they often have new sensitivities to life. In truth, this is part of the un-numbing and re-sensitization process. People have been so numb and out of touch with themselves that they can barely feel. If this is your general state of living, then that lack of sensitivity becomes "normal…. [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Natural Spiritual Growth and the Calming of Awakening

The intensities of the initial spiritual awakening can be many and destabilizing, and that's to be expected when people have been living lives so cut off from their truth, kindness, and love. The rush of your own divine energy in the space created by awakening takes many off guard, shaking up their whole world. Most just want to get this whole thing over with. Very few embrace it, but to those who do, a great gift … [Read Entire Story]

The Error of Defending Your Beliefs

The intent of this spirituality blog post is to point to the nature of most beliefs. Generally speaking, beliefs arise out of the past or concerns for the future rather than the necessity of the present moment. In so many ways, human beings are wrapping themselves up in a fur coat of beliefs to try to keep out the chill of reality. In so doing, they distort their sense of what life is and what is around them. Make no mistake, having ideas and seeing the truth of the matter makes us strong advocates and powerful people, but that power does not come from our … [Read Entire Story]

7 Signs that You’re a Wounded Healer

The wounded healer is anyone who serves others, but who has not healed many of the issues that they aim to help others heal. The wounded healer is also someone who attempts to do lots of helpful and healing things for other people as a means of avoiding taking care of themselves. The unconscious mentality is that if they can help enough other people, then they'll feel good or safe or loved.Of course, this is unconscious… [Read Entire Story]

Getting Out of the Rat Race and the End of Competition

One of the hallmarks of Western Society has been an emphasis on competition. The idea is that competition brings out the best in us. That has hardly been the case. The reality is that competition is immensely wasteful. It triggers people's survival fears to keep them agitated enough to work long hours and attempt to "get ahead" because people don't want to fail, which is associated with being poor, not having enough, and so forth. Ultimately at the root of this is the fear of death.The enormity of energy that people exert from this fear-based thinking exhausts people and leads… [Read Entire Story]

Hidden, Subtle Levels of Physical Fear and Agitation

You probably don't realize it, but right now, subtle levels of fear and agitation are probably moving through you. They're so invisible and so seemingly natural that you may think you are relaxed. But you are not. You are habituated to this level of fear and agitation, and it only tends to become apparent when we truly stop… [Read Entire Story]

Enlightened Exercise: Discovering Your Body’s Natural Shape

Enlightened exercise is not about a certain state of awareness or fitness goal. It's about aligning to your body's needs and how to achieve your optimum health. That last phrase may sound a little cliche and like a goal. But your body does know what optimum health is, and it can't be described by a nutritionist, doctor, personal trainer, or whomever. Only your body truly knows what that feels like, and while we certainly take advantage of what… [Read Entire Story]

The End of Experiences

The spiritual path can sometimes be cut up into three segments. The first is very well understood and tread. It is the space of spiritual knowledge and intellectual learning about the path. It can be full of rote memorization and basic rituals, and it provides many people with a sense of comfort to know what to think and do to live a "good" life.The second part is usually dropped into the purview of the … [Read Entire Story]

Spirituality, Food Ideologies, and Diets

There's a lot of confusion and misconceptions around spiritual diets/ways of eating, and with the eating habits of Western Culture having becomes so warped, people just don't even know what they should eat anymore. Add on top of that, we have some of the weirdest situations and choices to make in the history of humanity with issues around pesticides on foods, growth hormones in animals, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), animal cruelty, sourcing of the food (Is it local or not?) and more. This has turned a trip to the … [Read Entire Story]

We Are All One: The Law of Interconnection

The spiritual path takes us unequivocally towards several important truths. One of which is that we are all one.This is not a new saying. I’m sure many of you have heard it before. I’m sure many of you have used this phrase, but to really know this from nose to toes is a whole other thing.In a spiritual awakening, someone is thrust into this truth and feels the profoundness of it. However, people rarely abide there completely. So there tends to be a lot of bouncing in and out of that state of awareness. In a spiritual… [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Spiritual Awakening and Letting Go of Your Old Life

Between a Rock and an Awakened PlaceMany people have a great deal of fear and anxiety around letting go of their old lives. It is the way most humans are conditioned socially and instinctually–to see the unknown as a threat. Letting go of the familiar ways of living takes us straight and unequivocally into the unknown. But then again, we have already been there. It is only through our illusions and delusions do we think that we can keep everything the same and that we know how anything will go in life. And holding on brings about no small amount of stress and upset, so once again, spiritual… [Read Entire Story]

Spirituality Webinar: Releasing Issues

I talk a lot about releasing issues on this blog, so it is fitting to have a webinar focused on this topic. Whether it is grief, physical trauma, a past relationship that ended badly, or another old pain that is still stuck in us, it has to be released for us to be spiritually free. This plane accepts no carry-on baggage, and most of humanity is carrying quite a bit.In an interesting way, however, releasing an issue is often more of a transmutation of energy. All that grief dissolves into bliss. All that pain melts into joy. It may seem ironic, but the truth of the matter is that… [Read Entire Story]

Spirituality Webinar: Developing Your Emotional Strength

We live in a very emotionally immature culture. Many people have their hearts completely closed up and wrapped in barbwire, so they barely can feel anything from anyone else much less the vastness of their own love. Others feel broken and abused. Yet others are easily washed away by even a little emotion, and they have no center to hold them steady in the seas of feelings.In this webinar, I'll talk more about what it means to become heart strong so that we can … [Read Entire Story]

Feeling Unable to Receive Love

You know one of the most common issues people have? They can't receive love. They can't receive love from others. They can't receive love from God, and they certainly can't receive love from themselves. They are completely love anorexic. Cut off from love, everything is hateful, and the whole world is hurtful. It becomes a horrible type of tunnel vision, and if it gets really bad, the only way out seems to be death.In this society, many people come to me with no capacity for love, and it's why many students never really … [Read Entire Story]

Uncovering and Debunking Cultural Gender Stereotypes

One of the truths of the spiritual path is that we are all One. We are that which simply IS. From that space, the whole gender identity thing doesn't make much sense. Traits that are associated with men or women are completely made up, and yet people cling to them rather ferociously. It's not that we go into a denial of the sex we are. I am male; I'm very clear about that. But much of the rest is completely up to us, and so for many people as they delve deeply into themselves, at some point or another, you will become confronted with the social and cultural lies of how you … [Read Entire Story]

Dissolving the Veils of Illusion

I'm taking up this topic more specifically for the "After the Awakening" section of this blog. While nothing is mutually exclusive in my writing as far as the different parts of your spiritual path, some things are a little more specific to a given rhythm than others. So while many of you are still only [Read Entire Story]

The Poetry of Trust

Here is another lovely poem from my student, Rach. Today, she shares a little bit more about her path and encourages us to remember to trust the path before us no matter how murky and dark it sometimes seems. My journey back to Spirit has led me down many paths–some quite dark–where I felt very alone and lost.  This poem attempts to express some of this part of my journey and being helped out of the darkness by trusting in the inner knowing part of me, my Universal self which I had cut myself off from.Through my past noise and my tortureI heard the call of my true nature It lit a spark and became a fireThat burned (and continues to burn) all the… [Read Entire Story]