Are You Interested in Working with a Spiritual Teacher?

Are You Ready to Dive Into Spiritual Work?There are many reasons that people become interested in working with a spiritual teacher, and part of the journey to truly be "teachable" involves understanding why you're even interested in the spiritual path.When you know why you're really on the spiritual path, that makes it so much easier to figure out what kind of teacher with whom to work. You understand… [Read Entire Story]

Do You Need a Spiritual Teacher?

The question of whether you need a spiritual teacher or not is an interesting one. There are all kinds of opinions about this, but I think it's best to step back and look at a number of important factors in this question.People come to this question with a lot of different presumptions about what a spiritual teacher is and does. They also come with their own ideas about what they want … [Read Entire Story]

Recording: Choosing to be a Spiritual Teacher or Leader

For the purposes of this talk, I focused primarily on upper level spiritual teachers and spiritual masters. For an explanation of what “upper levels” means, please check out my blog post at the bottom of the page on what a spiritual teacher is.In general, I feel there are enough resources available to those who want to follow an easier spiritual teaching route. By “easier,” I mean that to be a Catholic priest there is already a whole support network of resources to guide someone to that type of service and to support the teacher. That doesn’t mean that what they’ll do will be easy, but the support… [Read Entire Story]

Online Talk: Choosing to be a Spiritual Teacher or Leader

For the purposes of this talk, I’m going to primarily focus on upper level spiritual teachers and spiritual masters. For an explanation of what “upper levels” means, please check out my blog post below on what a spiritual teacher is.In general, I feel there are enough resources available to those who want to follow an easier spiritual teaching route. By “easier,” I mean that to be a Catholic priest there is already a … [Read Entire Story]

Donations for December Vacation Time

Thanks to everyone who has already donated to help me cover the time-off I’ll take at the end of the year. As of this posting, 6 people have donated almost $500 to help cover the loss of not making any money during that time. I really appreciate it!I usually take the last week and a half off of December each year. It’s typically my only vacation time that I take largely because I… [Read Entire Story]

A Second Spiritual Awakening and Finally Finding Guidance

Life is full of interesting phenomena, isn't it? One interesting phenomenon that I've heard about on and off for the last several years is the occurrence of a second spiritual awakening. It's quite extraordinary for someone to have even one spiritual awakening, much less a second. But in this universe of infinite possibilities who is to… [Read Entire Story]

Online Talk: How to Stop Spiritual Bypassing

A lot of people are just looking for an exit to easy-town on the spiritual path.Spiritual bypassing has become a popular term of late. It seems people have found another way to avoid themselves or at least attempt to avoid themselves. That’s really what a spiritual bypass is–it’s just a term for self-avoidance.Specifically, a spiritual bypass is trying to do something “spiritual” to avoid doing something uncomfortable or otherwise believed by the person to be undesirable. Sometimes the things we need to do in life aren’t actually hard, so from time to time… [Read Entire Story]

Awakening After the Death of a Loved One

I've written about so many topics in the more than six years of writing this spiritual awakening blog, but I don't think I've spent too much time talking about how awakening can arise after the death of a loved one.I know I've mentioned how tragedy, in general, can spur many people towards the spiritual path, and I have written about how an individual near-death experience (NDE) can awaken some people. But I haven't spent too much time discussing the unique doorway that… [Read Entire Story]

Online Talk: Learning to Work Through the Layers Part 2

I offered this talk not too long ago, but I had to cut it short due to being sick and not having a lot of voice. Since it was really popular, I wanted to return to this subject and hopefully go into more depth as well as answer a few more of your questions than I was able to do last time.For those who are new to the topic, this conversation revolves around … [Read Entire Story]

The Fear of the Unknown

The fear of the unknown.Buckle up. Clear your schedule. This is a big one.The fear of the unknown is a core issue that most people have. While we don't all share the same types of fears, most people seem to find something scary about unknown experiences. For many people, unknown body sensations and experiences can trigger the fear of the unknown. Other people find the uncertainty of the future scary. Some people find creating new relationships to … [Read Entire Story]

The Importance of Mental Resilience After Awakening

As I've watched a lot of people enter into the transitional phase after awakening–aka the spiritual awakening process–I've seen many responses. I've seen people give-up. I've seen people get bogged down and stuck in pain. I've seen people create new illusions for themselves and find a way to spiritually plateau. And I've seen people move through the transition into new realms of openness, love, and peace.For any of those who have really opened into these … [Read Entire Story]

How to Follow Your Heart

I and many other people in the spiritual, self help, self improvement, and other venues often talk about following your heart. Follow your heart and you'll enjoy your work and your life because you're doing what you love. That's the gist of it, right?But what does that mean? What does that even look … [Read Entire Story]

How to Be More Spiritually Conscious

I speak about spirituality in two key ways. One way is from the perspective of non-duality. In non-duality, all is one. The other way is from the perspective of duality. In duality, there is separation. There is a "me," and there is a "you." While ultimately that separation is a fiction, clearly we have to live and operate in a world based on separation. Thus, I often blend together these two perspectives because despite being paradoxical, they are also … [Read Entire Story]

7 Tips for Mindfully Processing the U.S. Presidential Election

This past U.S. presidential election cycle has been particularly base and disgusting. It seems to have pulled out all the stops in appealing to people's most basic fears and interests. To date, I don't remember any candidate in my lifetime discussing his penis in a debate. That, of course, is hardly the worst… [Read Entire Story]

An Interview With The Clearing About Awakening, Core Issues, and Addiction Recovery

I recently was interviewed by Caroline McGraw at The Clearing–a non-12 steps recovery program. We covered a number of topics together about core issues, fundamental issues, tenacity, dealing with unconscious people, and so forth. I hope you'll take some time to watch it.I can't emphasize enough how important it is to get to the core issues involved with addiction. You can think of addiction like this–most addictions are a means to self-medicating a deeper problem. If we are holding pain inside, we don't like that. So people turn to alcohol, video games, sex, drugs, work, and other things to avoid… [Read Entire Story]

Recording: The Bliss of Being Nobody

I often refer to the space of presence as the space where we are “nobody.” But what does this mean to be nobody? How do we make decisions from that space? Isn’t it necessary to be some kind of somebody?Because we live in a culture that idolizes being a somebody, the concept that being a nobody could be okay much less a blissful experience seems absurd. Yet, as we grow on the spiritual path, we realize that being a somebody is too inflexible to be realistic. We get forced into choices and reactions that may be blind to some or many realities of life. That somebody becomes a problem to living in integrity, … [Read Entire Story]

7 Signs of a False Spiritual Teacher

I want to start by saying that false spiritual teachers are pretty rare. When I say, "false spiritual teacher," I am saying that this is someone who is so lost and unconscious that they intentionally lead people astray and cause them needless emotional, physical, and mental suffering. Why they do these things can be for a number of egoic reasons, which are often attempts to feel good about themselves in some way. They may themselves have suffered trauma. They may be a sociopath. Who knows?But as I said, they're pretty rare. You're going to … [Read Entire Story]

Recording: Sexuality and the Spiritual Path

A couple times a year, I like to talk about the beautiful expression of living that is sexuality. Too often, sexuality is relegated to the shadows in some spiritual traditions, but sexuality is equally embraced by the Divine as everything else. Furthermore, sexuality is a fundamental aspect of life. It keeps our species alive and thriving, so how could any true spiritual path ignore this sacred space?In this talk, I touch on the beauty and importance of pleasure in our lives. I also talk about how… [Read Entire Story]

A Heartfelt Thank you to my Donors!

I am writing a short blog post to thank all my donors this past year and years past. Thank you! I get to work as a full-time spiritual teacher because of all you. With your financial support, I began breaking even in March 2015, and I have been fully supported by you since then (a year and a half and counting). Thanks for every… [Read Entire Story]

Shifting Perspectives: Walking Through a Weird Wonderland

Both spiritual healing and spiritual growth tend to bring about changes in perspective. Obviously, a spiritual awakening can bring about a dramatic change in perspective depending on the individual. The result is that at times you can feel like you're walking through a hallway of mirrors. You see all these warped and twisted versions of yourself and others, and it can trigger fear for more than a few people. When someone has essentially had only one perspective–has been looking into the same warped mirror–their whole lives, it is jarring to look into another mirror. It… [Read Entire Story]

Recording: Confronting Core Issues

I’m sure many of you have heard me mention core issues before, so I directed this talk right at them. Core issues are things like fear of the unknown, fear of being socially rejected/outcast, self-hatred/lack of self worth, trauma, and other big monsters that define your whole outlook on life as well as your way of living.Most of our initial spiritual work is just clearing the ground to dig down and root out these beasts. It’s not fun work, but it is immensely rewarding work. So long as a core issue like self-hatred has a foothold … [Read Entire Story]

Getting off the Spiritual Plateau

It's time to expand our spiritual vocabulary again. Too often we get stuck inheriting words that don't really explain things, so it's up to us to make our words work for us. This is part of mastering our lives rather than being caged by the beliefs and definitions given to us. So today, we'll add the term "spiritual plateau" into our spiritual lexicon, and I think a few of you will really appreciate having this term.Firstly, I'm not talking about being spiritually stuck. Most part aren't even started in their inner growth. Even those… [Read Entire Story]

Recording: Integrating Your Awakening

Integrating a spiritual awakening is a common topic for people in spiritual circles. What people mean by it, however, can vary, so let me explain my definition.There are two main ways that I intend to define this topic on this next free online talk. Firstly, a spiritual awakening illuminates how disintegrated we already are. What do I mean by this? I mean that our ego selves spend a lot of time cutting us up into this and not that. We can be smart, but not dumb. We can be ugly, which means we aren’t beautiful… [Read Entire Story]