Feeling Uneasy in Spaciousness

There are moments when we arrive at the cusp of a spiritual shift, and in those moments, we can feel uneasy as we start to tip over into an inner space that is new to us. If we make it past the cusp and drop into this spaciousness, a whole new world of understanding can unfold. That understanding or those understandings aren't necessarily intellectual. There are many levels of understanding that arise when we cross a threshold within ourselves, and while it usually feels good at first [Read Entire Story]

5 Misunderstandings About Surrender

Surrender is a common topic on the spiritual path because it is so essential to acknowledging the here now. Primarily, people are actively engaged with fantasies in their minds. They are engaged with fantasies of the ego that project ideas and feelings onto situations rather than seeing the reality of them. The ego is also replicating certain feelings and ideas within people. By replication, I simply mean that it repeats, and that gives people a sense … [Read Entire Story]