Recording: How to Be Your New "Spiritual" Self

I regularly get a variety of questions that go something like this:How do I get my friends to understand this new spiritual path I’m on?How do I explain to my partner how to be spiritual?How do I find work that aligns with my spiritual truth?These and other questionss are essentially asking the same underlying question: “How do I be my new ‘spiritual’ self?”While they sound rational enough, few people question these questions to find out where they are coming from. This typically leads to what I call “re-papering the prison cell walls.”When someone has a major spiritual shift or even a spiritual awakening, it’s like the wallpaper (illusions) covering the walls of the prison cell… [Read Entire Story]

How Can I Connect to my Higher Self

On the path to spiritual freedom, the topic of connecting to a higher self comes up from time to time. By and large, I don't think too much about it. The concept of "connection" is a kind of misunderstanding. The higher self or true self is always here. We are never disconnected from it. What is usually the case is that we are distracted from it… [Read Entire Story]

Understanding Selfless Service, Selfishness, and Self-lostness

There are many wonderful people out in the world working to help others. Through selfless service to the world, humanity, nature, and the Divine, we can bring about many positive, helpful, and necessary changes. We can help create a more sustainable way of living. We can learn to better honor and respect all the animals and other lifeforms that are sharing this earthly rental … [Read Entire Story]