Updated Spiritual Realizations and Uncertainty After Releasing an Issue Posts

I'm continuing my blog post updating spree to try and sync up some of my more important spiritual awakening blog posts with my current style of sharing. Some of them have held up well. The post about the feelings that may come after releasing an issue didn't need a ton of work. The post about spiritual realizations was a serious re-write.Understanding realizations and how they can both be enjoyable and unenjoyable was one of a number of points I emphasized in that post. The new feelings after releasing an issue is just a really important experience to understand because otherwise, it is so easy to backslide into old patterns even when we've… [Read Entire Story]

An Explosion of Spiritual Discoveries

Sometimes, there are these bursts of spiritual discoveries. Maybe it’s therapy that opens up the mind. Maybe it’s a spiritual awakening. Maybe it’s nothing in particular, and for whatever reason God just hit the download button on the Divine computer. Then, spiritual epiphanies, realizations, and revelations by the gigabyte flow into someone’s noggin. I won’t say why or why not they happen, but when they do happen, it can be quite the experience.To be clear, these spiritual discoveries run the gamut of enjoyable and unenjoyable. People discover how wrong they are about themselves and about life. People also find confirmation of truths they always knew but never honored or affirmed for themselves. These … [Read Entire Story]