The Path to Nowhere

I've written about today's topic in a number of ways. My blog post called, "Be Nobody," is one. The video about "The Freedom of a Meaningless Life" is another, but it just feels like it is time to return to this topic in yet another way.There is nowhere to go on the spiritual path.There. I said it again. We good?Probably not.We live in a society that believes that action is required all the time. But more specifically, we unconsciously believe a lot of things about ourselves and about … [Read Entire Story]

Getting Out of the Rat Race and the End of Competition

One of the hallmarks of Western Society has been an emphasis on competition. The idea is that competition brings out the best in us. That has hardly been the case. The reality is that competition is immensely wasteful. It triggers people's survival fears to keep them agitated enough to work long hours and attempt to "get ahead" because people don't want to fail, which is associated with being poor, not having enough, and so forth. Ultimately at the root of this is the fear of death.The enormity of energy that people exert from this fear-based thinking exhausts people and leads… [Read Entire Story]

Spiritual Poem: Meeting Sun

Here's the latest poem from my student, Jackie. If you'd like to check out more of her poems as well as all the spiritual poetry on this blog, you can click on this link:Spiritual PoetryEnjoy Jackie's latest creation. I know I did.Meeting SunRead more » [Read Entire Story]

Spirituality Poem: Unending

I've read this poem by my student, Jackie, a couple of times, and I encourage you to do so as well, preferably out loud. There's something about certain poems that begs to be spoken and not quietly read, but you are welcome to do that all the same. But if you do read this out loud, I encourage you to listen closely to the cadence of the words. See if you hear the tremors of Truth and feel the rumblings of Love inside you that may get stirred up from that place of "unending" within you.Enjoy! UnendingRead more » [Read Entire Story]