Recording: How to Avoid Creating a Spiritual Ego

Many people are focused on other people’s egos and what others are doing wrong. But it’s always easier to find the error in another than in ourselves. This is precisely why doing inner work is so important. Turning our attention inwards gives us clarity about who we are and who we are trying to be. This clarity is one of many key tools to help us avoid creating… [Read Entire Story]

Shattering Core Issues With Spiritual Awareness

Today's blog post continues along the lines of many of my past blog posts. Two of the more notably similar spiritual blog posts are as follows:Dissolving Issues With AwarenessReleasing Issues IntentionallyThe difference in today's post is really about the intensity that grows within us as we have learned how to shed top-level and mid-level issues. The more we understand through experience how much we benefit from… [Read Entire Story]