Do You Need a Spiritual Teacher?

The question of whether you need a spiritual teacher or not is an interesting one. There are all kinds of opinions about this, but I think it's best to step back and look at a number of important factors in this question.People come to this question with a lot of different presumptions about what a spiritual teacher is and does. They also come with their own ideas about what they want … [Read Entire Story]

Recording: Choosing to be a Spiritual Teacher or Leader

For the purposes of this talk, I focused primarily on upper level spiritual teachers and spiritual masters. For an explanation of what “upper levels” means, please check out my blog post at the bottom of the page on what a spiritual teacher is.In general, I feel there are enough resources available to those who want to follow an easier spiritual teaching route. By “easier,” I mean that to be a Catholic priest there is already a whole support network of resources to guide someone to that type of service and to support the teacher. That doesn’t mean that what they’ll do will be easy, but the support… [Read Entire Story]

A Brief Vanishing of Fear and the Power of Presence

From time to time, I have the lovely opportunity to witness someone's fear completely vanish. Poof! Like a wispy cloud, the fear evaporates, leaving nothing but the truth, love, and occasionally some giggles.Because what else can you do but laugh when you see how vacuous, vaporous, and insubstantial fear really is? Truly, fear is nothing. It does not exist. While we can momentarily put aside the biochemical aspect of fear when an old survival instinct is triggered (such… [Read Entire Story]

Spiritual Writing: Who Is Guru?

Here are some more spiritual musings from my student, Jackie. I know many of you have been searching for a spiritual teacher, master, or guru to help point the way. In this lovely piece of writing, she helps point your search in the right direction.For more of her writing and poetry, you can click on this link:Thoughts from a StudentEnjoy!Who Is Guru?Read more » [Read Entire Story]

The Story of the Insane Man

There once was a man who had plenty. He lived in a village that prided itself on balance. For many hundreds of years, this great village had had enough. They managed their resources in good times to be prepared for bad times. And though there was sickness and hurts that arose from time to time, there was no suffering for the … [Read Entire Story]