Imbalances Caused by Spiritual Growth

I frequently get questions from people when they feel imbalanced in some way. What do I mean by imbalanced? I mean the mind is upset, or there are a lot of turbulent emotions. Sometimes people have very strong physical sensations or energetic experiences. These experiences are not part of the person's usual set of experiences of themselves, or they're lasting longer than usual.So if someone is processing through a lot of fear, it may last longer than they're used to feeling scared. This fear isn't a "balanced" state. It's an agitated state, and sometimes people get into these imbalanced states for awhile as they grow. Many people worry that something is going wrong.In general, most painful experiences that … [Read Entire Story]

Online Talk: How to Grow on the Spiritual Path

In my last online talk, I discussed the importance of healing on the spiritual path. People have so many wounds, and there is simply no way to walk or run until you’ve healed your broken bones. But when that does happen, a whole new world opens. That world is the world of spiritual growth.Most of what we believe is possible for ourselves is determined by our wounds. If we have a broken leg, we don’t believe that sprinting is possible. But once that wound is healed, suddenly, you have all… [Read Entire Story]

Near Death Experiences and Spiritual Awakening

I happened to read an article about near death experiences while sipping tea in my favorite local tea shop, and I realized that this was a topic that I'd not really discussed before. The topic of the article was more about why they happen and the ambiguous line between life and… [Read Entire Story]

Sessions for January, Coming Home, and Thank You’s!

I'll start this spirituality post with my sincerest "thank you's" to everyone who has offered support to me in some way since the apartment complex fire that took me into a new major life transition. It has truly warmed my heart to have support from so many. That includes the friend who has taken me in to his home… [Read Entire Story]

Webinar: Achieving Your Highest Spiritual Potential

The topic for this spirituality webinar was a request from one of my students, and I think it's a topic that definitely needs our attention. It needs our attention not for actually explaining how to achieve your highest spiritual potential but to help you understand the ego self that is seeking this end goal.Now, let me be clear; at the outset of a lot of spiritual journeys, many people need this kind of self-improvement mentality… [Read Entire Story]

The Embittering Process

The embittering process is the path on which people become more hard-hearted, cold, cynical, and closed. It is the path that most people are on.But they don't know it. It starts simply by having a difficult experience that you can't handle or don't want to handle. That pain gets stuck in you. As a result, you tend to… [Read Entire Story]

Identify, Accept, Embrace, and Let Go

What I'm about to offer in this blog post isn't revolutionary. It's been done before. Really, all spiritual tools and techniques have been done before. Any time I hear someone trumping a tool as the latest and greatest thing, I am more than a little skeptical. That's not even the right word. It's not skepticism. I simply know that all these tools are leading us back to the simplicity of letting go, and they're all really the same thing.As such, I am happy to announce this is NOT the latest and greatest thing. You most likely have and/or will find other people saying the exact same things with different … [Read Entire Story]

Spirituality Poem: Unending

I've read this poem by my student, Jackie, a couple of times, and I encourage you to do so as well, preferably out loud. There's something about certain poems that begs to be spoken and not quietly read, but you are welcome to do that all the same. But if you do read this out loud, I encourage you to listen closely to the cadence of the words. See if you hear the tremors of Truth and feel the rumblings of Love inside you that may get stirred up from that place of "unending" within you.Enjoy! UnendingRead more » [Read Entire Story]