Completing Cycles and Crossing Thresholds

Several years ago, I wrote a post about coming to completion, and it feels like it’s high past the time to talk more about what it means to come to completion and crossing thresholds into new cycles in life.Have you ever had a moment when you felt simply done with something? Not “over it.” Not deciding that it’s time to move on. You are simply done. You feel … [Read Entire Story]

The Animal Within: Retraining the Primal Instinctual Body

A lot of times, I hear people in the spiritual world say that fear is just a word. Well, the word fear is a word, but the experience of fear is obviously much more than a word. It's a whole body experience, which–by and large–we don't enjoy. Some people learn to interpret fear in some different ways such as excitement, and while I don't know if there's a difference in the biochemistry of general fear versus excitement fear from something like bungee jumping, I don't think that most people want to feel that much agitation and intense energy on a regular basis.Thinking of fear in terms of agitation can also be a helpful road … [Read Entire Story]