How Do I Make Decisions from No-mind?

One of the most common questions that I get revolves around how to live when you no longer act from the ego. The above question is one way of expressing it, but here are some common variants:How will I work a job staying as the witness?How do take care of my kids from the space of presence?If I don't think, then won't I just screw and fight and drink all the time?This last question presumes that thinking isn't possible in the space of awareness/no-mind and that we'll be lost to our most basic impulses without the the ego.There are other variants of the question. But essentially, the ego presumes that its way … [Read Entire Story]

Using Intuition to Make Stressful Decisions

I've spent more than a minute talking about intuition on this spiritual awakening blog. You can find several of those posts in the following compilation to help you in your development of your intuition:Intuition: A Short Guide to Improving Your Inner KnowingEventually, though, life will probably give you a situation or two where … [Read Entire Story]