Completing Cycles and Crossing Thresholds

Several years ago, I wrote a post about coming to completion, and it feels like it’s high past the time to talk more about what it means to come to completion and crossing thresholds into new cycles in life.Have you ever had a moment when you felt simply done with something? Not “over it.” Not deciding that it’s time to move on. You are simply done. You feel … [Read Entire Story]

Discovering Your Commitment to Pain

We have to be brutally honest with ourselves on the spiritual path. More often than naught, we are completely committed to being in pain.This tends to be really shocking, and most of you may not believe me. Those of you who have discovered this truth already understand the feelings of self-betrayal and anger that may arise as you gain awareness to how much you've sold yourself out. But in this realization is the light of awareness. In seeing all the ways that you repeat painful cycles and get lost in illusions, you now can break free.Outlining All Your LiesRead more » [Read Entire Story]