Using a Spiritual Teacher to Get to Enlightenment

One of the common misunderstandings about enlightenment or spiritual awakening is that you need a spiritual teacher to get there. This is a problematic idea that unfortunately is a part of more than a few religious and spiritual paths. In the not too recent past, I had someone email a long description about the how the teacher is supposed to transmit some kind of supernatural cosmic energy that will enlighten the … [Read Entire Story]

The Humbling of the Ego

It’s been awhile since I talked directly about the ego, and yet thanks to popular spiritual teachers and discourse, it’s now a regular subject among spiritual path wanderers, wayfinders, and travelers. In truth, the ego is just another facet of being a human being. It is no better or worse than a foot or an elbow. However, in its unconscious state, the ego certainly can cause a good deal of trouble. The more we identify with our ego-selves, the more trouble we can get into. That’s why so much discussion has popped up around destroying, removing, incapacitating, obliterating… [Read Entire Story]