Codependency Symptoms – Do These Modern Day Excuses Hide Yours?

‘Codependency’ was once a hot topic. What happened? Have the symptoms of codependency lessened? Or have we all just become better at hiding them? Suffer from codependency symptoms and want help sooner rather than later? Book a Skype therapist now and be talking as soon as tomorrow. Clarifying codependency The word ‘codependency’ has become more an … [Read Entire Story]

Why Do People Hurt My Feelings When I Am So Nice to Them?

Do you try really hard in relationships? Only to find yourself asking, “why have you hurt my feelings when I have done nothing to deserve it?” Let’s look at why other people always let you down.   … [Read Entire Story]

9 Kinds of Manipulative Behaviour You Might be Guilty Of

We all know when someone is using outright manipulation, like promising us money if we do what they want. But many forms of manipulative behaviour are far more subtle.  Are you guilty of one or several of these 9 types of manipulative behaviour?  So used to manipulating others to like you that you don’t know [Read Entire Story]

“Why Do My Parents Hate Me?”

Living with the idea that ‘my parents hate me’ is very hard. It leaves us with very low self-esteem. Why would someone bring us into the world only to be unkind to us, or leave us feeling abandoned? … [Read Entire Story]

What is Alexithymia? When Emotions Just Aren’t Your Thing

Do you draw a blank when people ask you how you feel? Are you often accused of not understanding others, or not showing enough empathy? Even when you tried your best? You might have a personality trait called alexithymia. Does trying to understand others leave you lost and depressed? Want to talk to someone who [Read Entire Story]

How to Help a Partner with Depression, Anxiety, and Childhood Issues

You love your partner. But you are worried because they are struggling. How can you help a partner with depression? What if they suffer anxiety, or had a difficult childhood? … [Read Entire Story]

How Can You Be Yourself Around Others?

Do you wish you could be yourself around others but can’t seem to stop acting? Do you laugh at jokes you don’t find funny, agree to things you don’t want to do, say things you regret and don’t even mean?  Why am I not myself around others? It can come from the way we were … [Read Entire Story]

Jealousy is ruining my relationships and life… help!

Borderline Personality Disorder Relationships – Should You Date Him or Her?

Borderline personality relationships – avoid, or maybe? There is a lot of misinformation about borderline personality disorder on the internet that seeks to demonise those with BPD. The fact is that people with BPD are, well, people. Unique individuals who can’t all be painted with one brush despite sharing some symptoms.  Does that mean you should … [Read Entire Story]

Leaving a Relationship – How Can You Keep It Sane?

Leaving a relationship is never going to go perfectly. A breakup is a breakup because something is broken, after all. But there are certainly things you can do to make leaving a relationship as smooth as possible. How to Leave a Relationship And Protect your Mental Health 1. Get clear that you are [Read Entire Story]

Holiday Romance and Mental Health – Is a Fling What You Need?

Some holiday romances  become happy memories. But life is not a novel or film, and it’s also possible for a holiday romance to leave us feeling deflated. Is now the right time to have a holiday romance, or is it just going to leave you feeling bad about yourself, or worse? Here are good questions to ask … [Read Entire Story]

Rebuilding Trust in a Relationship – Life After Betrayal

Your partner cheated, your colleague stole your big idea, your friend shared your secret with everyone… Whatever the situation, betrayal can leave us wondering whether to cut ties or to try rebuilding trust in a relationship. Feeling totally overwhelmed after a breakup or work bust up and need help now? Visit our sister site [Read Entire Story]

Economic Abuse – Stuck in a Bad Relationship Because of Money?

Not heard of ‘economic abuse’ before? Prepare to hear more and more about it.  The UK government has promised to change the statutory definition of domestic abuse to include economic abuse. Which is good news, considering research by Women’s Aid in the UK shows that 52 per cent of women in abusive relationships felt they … [Read Entire Story]

Signs of Aspergers in Adults – Sound Familiar?

Worried that your partner, colleague, or loved one might have Asperger’s? What are the signs of Aspergers in adults to look for? What is Asperger’s syndrome? ‘Asperger’s disorder’, or ‘Asperger’s syndrome’, is actually no longer an official diagnosis in the UK (or the USA, for that matter). Since 2013 this was dropped in favour of … [Read Entire Story]

“Why Am I So Oversensitive?”

Being oversensitive can feel a blessing and a curse. Do you often feel like you were born with the capacity to feel things that others just can’t? Or lack the self protective ‘skin’ others seem to naturally have? Are you emotionally sensitive? “Oversensitive” is perhaps not the best term because it is a judgement. It … [Read Entire Story]

Always Feeling Let Down By Others? This Could Be Why

Always feeling let down by others? Perhaps you explain it as ‘bad luck’ or ‘being too nice’. But if being let down is something that keeps happening in your life, then the common denominator is you. What behaviour might you unknowingly be playing out that actually creates a life where everyone lets you down? And how … [Read Entire Story]

Are These Communication Problems Ruining Your Relationships?

You have probably heard it said many times that communication is key in relationships. But what does it really mean? How do you know what communication problem is causing you to struggle with partners, family, friends, and at work? And what unseen psychological issues might be driving those problems? … [Read Entire Story]

What is STOCKHOLM SYNDROME? Abusive Relationships, psychology & mental health help with Kati Morton

How to Stop Giving Too Much in a Relationship

Giving can be a great thing, with things like volunteering now shown to improve mental health. Giving too much in a relationship, on the other hand, is something else entirely. From doing everything for your children, never charging what you are worth, being the go-to person at work, or the free shoulder for everyone to … [Read Entire Story]

7 Signs of Addictive Relationships | Help The Relationship

“It’s All My Fault” – When You Can’t Do Anything Right

Do you find yourself saying ‘it’s all my fault’ whenever something goes wrong? Do you live with an endless sense of guilt and shame? And blame yourself for every relationship conflict? The problem with deciding “it’s all my fault” Taking responsibility when we have chosen an action that upsets others can be a sign of … [Read Entire Story]

How to Get Closer to People (Even if You Have Intimacy Issues)

Do you struggle from intimacy issues, and an inability to connect to others? Or do you worry that you will never have a good relationship or friends you can count on, even as you long to know what it feels like to trust and love another? Here are some concepts and tools you can work with … [Read Entire Story]

What is Transactional Analysis?

Are you interested in a form of therapy that helps you troubleshoot the ways you behave around others?  Would you like to understand why are one way around one person, and entirely different with another?  Then transactional analysis might be for you. What is transactional analysis? Transactional analysis is interested in the interactions between people. … [Read Entire Story]

How to Stop Judging Others (and Feel Better About Yourself)

In our previous article we discussed what judging others is all about. Why we do it, the benefits and pitfalls of judging people, and how we end up the sort of person who is always judgmental in the first place. The next question becomes, how to stop judging others all the time? How to Stop Judging Others  … [Read Entire Story]