Myths About Domestic Violence We Need to Talk About

Domestic violence has taken a back seat lately to topics like self harm and the #metoo movement. But don’t mistake that for implying the situation is improving – quite the opposite.  Police in the UK have recently seen a 23% increase in reports of domestic violence. The Office of National Statistics’ 2018 report on domestic … [Read Entire Story]

Couple Fighting – How Often Do Healthy Partners Argue?

How often can couple fighting happen before your relationship is toxic? It depends on your definition of ‘fighting’. Need a relationship checkup? Take our free quiz now, “Is Your Relationship Healthy, or Time to Worry?”.  Good and bad couple fighting There is healthy conflict, and non-healthy conflict. Healthy conflict is actually good for a relationship. … [Read Entire Story]

Feeling Ignored? How to Get People to Listen to You

Feeling ignored can take a toll on mental wellbeing. We are left lonely, and our self-esteem can drop. This can lead to depression and anxiety. Why am I feeling so ignored? In some cases, people feel ignored all the time because of a personality disorder. Personality disorders mean you simply don’t think, feel, and communicate like … [Read Entire Story]

Honesty, Criticism, or Verbal Abuse? The Crucial Difference You Need to Know

“I’m just being honest”. “It’s not criticism, you’re just too sensitive”. “But you asked for my opinion, you can’t blame me if you don’t like it”. Feedback can be confusing, especially if it comes from those we depend on or love. When is feedback useful, when is criticism worrisome, and when is it abuse and time to … [Read Entire Story]