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The Survivor’s Quest: Recovery After Encountering Evil

Sometimes, evil does not translate into violence or murder. Sometimes, evil can be difficult to detect. It can be masked by charm and flattery, and it is often perpetuated by pathological lying, projection, and various other mind games. No matter how hidden it may be, evil always devastates—and isolates—any normal person who is touched by [More About This Book]

The Rape Recovery Handbook: Step-by-Step Help for Survivors of Sexual Assault

A woman is raped in this country every two minutes; this guide provides an effective framework for victims to heal from the experience. If you are a survivor of sexual assault, you may be suffering from symptoms of depression, substance abuse, an eating disorder, panic and anxiety, or posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The Rape Recovery [More About This Book]

Inner Harvest: Daily Meditations for Recovery from Eating Disorders (ML Answers the 101 Most-Asked Questions)

As we recover from an eating disorder, these 366 meditations will help us find the power to develop and deepen our spirituality. Daily positive thoughts offer insight and ideas for meeting the challenges of ongoing recovery from eating disorders. $ 7.08

The Hunger Fix: The Three-Stage Detox and Recovery Plan for Overeating and Food Addiction

Food addiction is real. Our body’s built-in reward system, driven by the chemical dopamine, tells us to do things that give us pleasure: Creative energy, falling in love, entrepreneurship-even the continued procreation of the human race-are driven by this system. Unfortunately, so is the urge to overeat. In The Hunger Fix, Dr. Pam Peeke uses [More About This Book]

Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE): A revolutionary new method for stress/trauma recovery

This book explains many aspects of the trauma recovery process in uncomplicated language and uses basic concepts for the non-professional. It includes the ground-breaking, Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE). These exercises elicit mild psychogenic tremors that release deep chronic tension in the body and assist the individual in the trauma healing process. $ 13.39

From the First Bite: A Complete Guide to Recovery from Food Addiction

Renowned therapist, eating disorder specialist and recovering food addict Kay Sheppard helps countless individuals win their battles over food addiction-people for whom diets, pills and purging have become a way of life. In 1993, her groundbreaking book, Food Addiction: The Body Knows, explained the illness of food addiction from the physiological origins through recovery. Today, [More About This Book]

The Freedom to Love: Recovery and the Seven Deadly Sins

The modern world is full of temptations that can lead people not only into unhappy lives but also into the throes of addiction. Navigating the world alone is not an easy task for any of us. Why not let The Freedom to Love be a most valued companion in overcoming an addiction to a sinful [More About This Book]

The Overcoming Bulimia Workbook: Your Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide to Recovery (New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook)

Severe dieting often results in periods of reactive binge eating, a phenomenon experienced by one in twenty American women. Responses to these periods may include prolonged fasting, self-induced vomiting, abuse of laxatives and diuretics, and obsessive exercise: all symptoms of bulimia. This workbook contains tools to help bulimics break the cycle of bingeing and reacting, [More About This Book]

Your Recovery is in Your Hand: Codependency in Handwriting

Your recovery program is only a handwriting sample away with this exclusive book describing codependency in penmanship, making it an ideal companion for self-awareness. $ 11.24

4/13 Check-in Post

How is everyone doing? Feel free to copy your last check in to this new post. [Read Entire Story]

Signs of Recovery from Low Self-Esteem, Relationship Addiction and Loving “too much”

I run this a couple of times a year. It’s from Women Who Love Too Much but it can be applied for anyone recovering from unhealthy relationships. These are signs that you are INDEED recovering. As someone who went from … Continue reading → [Read Entire Story]

D-bom Moments

For those new on the blog, this is another abbreviation we use around here, so this is how it began: “We see and understand more about our behaviors. We come aware. And aware. And aware. . . Often, we feel … Continue reading → [Read Entire Story]

Real Respect and Real Love In Action

Real love is a permanently self-enlarging experience. – M. Scott Peck This has been requested over and over again. One thing I’ve written about is that most people don’t understand that saying “He’s in a better place.” (after a death), … Continue reading → [Read Entire Story]

Healing The Child Within: Discovery and Recovery for Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families

Have you ever heard of your inner child? Well, this is the classic book that started it all. In 1987, Charlie Whitfield’s breakthrough concept of the child within—that part of us which is truly alive, energetic, creative and fulfilled—launched the inner child movement. Healing the Child Within describes how the inner child is lost to [More About This Book]

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The Courage to Heal

One of the themes I find among my GPYB clients as well as the readers here who post and are not clients is that it is rare themselves credit for facing the truth about things, facing their own inner demons, … Continue reading → [Read Entire Story]

Drug Abuse In America – How does it really effect us?

DRUGS ABUSE. It sounds bad, doesn’t it? It is bad. It ruins people, it ruins lives, it kills. Did you know that drug abuse can start with children as young as those in elementary school grades? Sad to say it can. Today’s youth face many risks, including drug abuse, violence, and HIV/AIDS. Responding to these risks before they become problems can be difficult. But by seeing these problems early on and responding to them with care, proper help and understanding, we can do what is needed to help those heading down the destructive path that will only lead to worse outcomes. Drug abuse has serious consequences in our homes, schools, and communities. Researchers [like the NIDA- National … [Read Entire Story]

The Hunger Fix: The Three-Stage Detox and Recovery Plan for Overeating and Food Addiction

Food addiction is real. Our body’s built-in reward system, driven by the chemical dopamine, tells us to do things that give us pleasure: Creative energy, falling in love, entrepreneurship—even the continued procreation of the human race—are driven by this system. Unfortunately, so is the urge to overeat.In The Hunger Fix, Dr. Pam Peeke uses the [More About This Book]