Recording: How to Avoid Creating a Spiritual Ego

Many people are focused on other people’s egos and what others are doing wrong. But it’s always easier to find the error in another than in ourselves. This is precisely why doing inner work is so important. Turning our attention inwards gives us clarity about who we are and who we are trying to be. This clarity is one of many key tools to help us avoid creating… [Read Entire Story]

Recording: Awakening, Food, and Common Sense

Food has become a hot topic in this day and age. In no other time that I know of has food and how it is raised and consumed become such big issues. It used to be that whatever you had nearby was what you ate; end of story.There are a lot of issues at hand, and strangely, some of these are issues caused by wealth. Westerners are amazingly spoiled by things like groceries stores, which bring together vast amounts of food from all around the world in a wide variety of combinations. And yet grocery stores have disconnected people from how their food is raised, manufactured, and so forth. Consider all the ingredients in an… [Read Entire Story]

Recording: What Maturing After Awakening Is Like

The rock and roll of the initial years of a spiritual awakening tend to lead us towards greater maturity if we engage with our work. Unlike most people’s perceptions of maturity, this inner maturity is timeless. You don’t actually need work to achieve it. The spiritual work we do is a revealing of this innate maturity, and in that revealing, a human maturation process emerges. In this way, we go inwards to oneness before growing outwards into the ever-changing and evolving human world. In so doing, we tend to take on certain characteristics of patience and acceptance, and a lot of our more juvenile desires tend to fall away.Additionally, some traits like resilience and confidence are different than how other people experience them. … [Read Entire Story]

Webinar Recording: Feeling Spiritually Lost and Finding Your Way

Many people feel spiritually lost at different times of their lives. In the context of a spiritual awakening, we often feel this way because a lot of our ego and the reference points we used to have dissolve. In this way, we stop having a clear direction about where to go.A lot of what the ego does is to tell us what to do to stay “safe.” It is often quite wrong, and as we become more conscious and focused on the present moment, it is quite normal to feel lost at first. This is part of the sacred adjustment time where you realize that “lost” is a concept. The … [Read Entire Story]

Webinar Recording: Spiritual Awakening and Powerful Relationships

The spiritual path brings many interesting lessons and situations into our lives, and of course, all of those are dependent on the people who are part of our experiences. Especially after a spiritual awakening, there often are a lot of powerful relationships that arrive for people. For some people, those relationships were already here, but when you are open to receive, those relationships can finally expand to offer greater depths than before. For others, it really does seem like the universe can send a wave of amazing, unsettling, and even terrifyingly powerful relationships your way.The types of … [Read Entire Story]