“Why Do My Parents Hate Me?”

Living with the idea that ‘my parents hate me’ is very hard. It leaves us with very low self-esteem. Why would someone bring us into the world only to be unkind to us, or leave us feeling abandoned? … [Read Entire Story]

Reparenting Yourself – How to Heal the Mother Wound

Our mothers give us life. In the face of this, it can feel hard to admit if our mother was unable to provide us with the unconditional love, support and safety we needed. How can we heal the mother wound and stop wandering through life without the self-esteem that others seem to naturally have?  At [Read Entire Story]

Parental Stress – Is Your Stress Affecting Your Child?

Parental stress is to be expected.  Parenting is a seriously stressful job, and it’s impossible to always be calm and stress-free around our children. But there is a difference in types of stress and how we manage stress. And it’s a difference we as parents need to understand.  Feeling at wit’s end with parental stress? [Read Entire Story]

The Mother Wound – Were You Under Mothered?

The mother wound is not a clinical diagnosis. But is a useful short hand to describe a very real psychological issue – being under mothered. Those with a mother wound are left to navigate adulthood without the base of confidence and security that enough mothering instills. [Do you feel your mother issues are so [Read Entire Story]

Postnatal Anxiety – Are You a Sufferer?

Postnatal depression has received a lot of attention in the last few years. And yet a recent study from a Canadian University found that up to three times as many women suffered postnatal anxiety than suffered postnatal depression. Postnatal anxiety – let’s get talking It’s great that PND is now talked about. But the problem is … [Read Entire Story]

Surviving the School Holidays – Tips to Help Parents Cope

The kids are bored and outside their routine, with different personalities starting to clash. Add in the stress of the yearly get together with the extended family, and how to manage as a parent? You might find our article on surviving family get-togethers helpful, too. Surviving the School Holidays  1. Have empathy for your kids. … [Read Entire Story]

Co-parenting at Christmas – Can It Ever Work?

Co-parenting is challenge enough. Add the stress of the festive season, and it can be overwhelming. How can you best navigate co-parenting at Christmas and make choices that reduce your holiday stress?  1. Get it all in writing. Texts are short and can be misunderstood – switch to email while making arrangements and ask good questions until … [Read Entire Story]

Parenting During the Holidays – Are You Prepared?

The holiday season can be the time of year that parenting skills face their greatest challenge. What do you need to think about to make parenting during the holidays easier?  Red vs. Green – When Parenting Styles Collide It’s definitely the time of year that different parenting styles can be most apparent. When under stress (or … [Read Entire Story]

Mindfulness for Children – Can It Really Help?

Mindfulness has become all the rage. It is a tool embraced by therapists, offered by top corporations to employees, and even trialled in parliament. Now some schools are offering mindfulness to students. What effects might it have on your child? And is mindfulness for children really the panacea they claim? Read on. Isn’t mindfulness just hippy brainwashing? … [Read Entire Story]

Empty Nest Syndrome – What to Do When It’s Just You Now

Your babies have somehow morphed it young adults off to university or a new job, and it’s just you. Even if you thought you’d love the time to yourself at last, it’s a big life change. If you just can’t feel yourself since the kids left, it could be ’empty nest syndrome’. How can you best … [Read Entire Story]

When Parents Have the Back to School Blues – Should You Be Worried?

With other parents joking how glad they are school is back on and they have time to themselves -what if you just don’t feel the same? Do you secretly feel you are experiencing ’empty nest syndrome’ even when you know your children are just at school? Are you suffering low moods, or anxiety? Why am I feeling … [Read Entire Story]

The Gifted Child -How Can You Best Support Their Psychological Health?

If you have a child who is gifted or talented, it can be something of a mixed blessing. While they may delight you with their brilliance, humour and originality, they can also be at risk of a range of social and emotional issues. How can you make sure that your child’s gift of intelligence doesn’t … [Read Entire Story]

Mindful Parenting – Can It Help You and Your Child?

With its concept of being fully present instead of lost in your thoughts, and its tendency to make one calmer and more focused, it’s easy to see how mindfulness is now being embraced as a tool of good parenting. Want more information on this ancient Eastern practise that even has new forms of therapy formed around it? Read [Read Entire Story]

12 Ways to Raise Independent Children

Most parents love and enjoy their children and want only the best for them. But in the last few decades things have not always gone according to plan. The rise of over-parenting has lead to a generation that seems allergic to independence. Read our connected piece on “the Rise of Helicopter Parenting“. The good news is … [Read Entire Story]

Kids Who Won’t Leave Home? The Effects of Helicopter Parenting

It used to be a given that your child would eventually grow up and leave home. Not so much nowadays. The latest generation of ‘millenials’ see parents dealing with their children wanting to live at home even after university, or handling ‘boomerang kids’ who move out but rush back the second life gets too hard. … [Read Entire Story]

Body Image During Pregnancy and Birth – Why It Matters and How to Improve It

If, like many women, you have struggled with poor body image, the chances are this will not magically disappear once you conceive. And if you experienced an eating disorder in the past it’s possible the changes of pregnancy can trigger a return of such behaviours. A large-scale Norwegian study found that almost 40% of [Read Entire Story]

Positive Parenting – What is It, and Can It Help You?

Positive parenting, often referred to as ‘positive discipline’, is a style of parenting based on respect for both child and adult. Central to positive parenting is the idea that humans are naturally sociable creatures, with a desire to connect with others. When children feel engaged, respected and supported in their community, they behave better. Where … [Read Entire Story]

The Effects of Divorce on Children – How Worried Should You Be?

If you and your spouse are considering a divorce, whether or not it will be good for the children might be the argument that has you still hanging on. But what are the true psychological effects of divorce on children? And should you really stay together for the kids? The Changing Family – Is Divorce … [Read Entire Story]

Conflicting Parenting Styles – Is It Affecting Your Family?

; Just because you love each other doesn’t mean you love your spouse’s approach to raising kids.  Why do conflicting parenting styles happen? Most often, despite all the books we read about parenting, we tend to  rely on how we ourselves were raised. We attempt to build on what worked, and reshape what didn’t. [Read Entire Story]

ADHD in Children – Should You Be Concerned?

Children are by their very nature full of energy and curiosity. Stuck in an adult world of rules they are still learning, they all can become bored with sitting still, forget what they’ve been told, and get distracted by something new and exciting. So then when does normal child behaviour cross the line into attention … [Read Entire Story]

Anger in Children – How Can You Help?

Anger can be perplexing enough in your partner or family member. But what about your child? What can you do if you have an angry kid? And what are the possible reasons he or she became so angry in the first place? Why is my child so angry? We all have an inbuilt primal response of self protection. For … [Read Entire Story]

How to Cope When Your Child Has a Chronic Illness

Finding out your child has a chronic illness is a daunting, unexpected experience for any parent.  And what with learning how to handle your sick child’s new needs and requirements, to managing the effects a chronically ill sibling has on your other children, it can be easy to overlook your own wellbeing. The psychological effects [Read Entire Story]

Your Teenager’s Brain -What Is Going On In There?

Is your once affectionate son now a surly person who loathes to exit his bedroom? Your calm and reliable daughter you enjoyed shopping trips with suddenly hyper and daring and refusing to be seen with you? If your teenagers suddenly seem like a different species, you just might be right – at least as far … [Read Entire Story]

A Postnatal Depression Case Study – What is it Really Like?

by Natalie Trice It’s not uncommon to experience ‘baby blues’ after giving birth. For some women this goes away as quickly as it arrived. For others, it develops into full-blown postnatal depression (PND), a condition that is often hidden but can have a significant impact on you and your [Read Entire Story]