Online Talk: How to Be with Awakened Energy

Awakening one’s energy has become an aspiration for many spiritual seekers, but there’s a lot to know before attempting to do so.And there’s a lot more to understand if your energy is already awakened.Awakened energy should be viewed like a river. It has a force and direction all its own, and you aren’t going to control it. Learning to be with it, however, is far more than just a “go with a flow” mentality. If you try to “go with the flow” in an actual river, you’d end up hitting a whole lot of rocks, capsizing, or getting … [Read Entire Story]

Recording: The Freedom of a Meaningless Life

We spend so much time assigning meaning to things that go on in life. Some of what we assign meaning to is really just a description of phenomena. For instance, you watch a leaf drop from a tree, and you say that means gravity is acting on the leaf to cause it to drop. You may say that is a sign that the leaf is dead. This is a useful way to describe life.However, there are many other meanings that … [Read Entire Story]

Spirituality Webinar: Embracing Your Shadow

One of my students requested a webinar about embracing the shadow, so in honor of that request, here's my announcement for my next spirituality webinar about just that topic.It should be mentioned that the shadow (at least as I'm defining it) is simply that which is ignored, avoided, or repressed. Much of the time, people have left some of their greatest gifts and true light-full Self in the dark, and often times, it is their light and love that is most difficult aspects of themselves to reclaim. As a result, it's not all dark trauma and hateful thoughts hiding out back there (although there is often some of that as well). But we all… [Read Entire Story]

Spirituality Webinar: Opening Your Heart

One of the great sicknesses of our time is the disease of the closed heart. The closed heart cannot give. The closed heart cannot receive. From the space of self-love deprivation, we can be convinced to do terrible things to ourselves (anorexia for example) or to others (murder, rape, and war). These may seem like extreme examples, but I simply want to show you why opening your heart is such a vital and urgent practice. In opening our hearts, we … [Read Entire Story]