Always Left Feeling Not Good Enough? The Real Reasons Why

Tried positive thinking and affirmations? Read all the advice about self confidence? But deep down still are left feeling not good enough? Feeling inadequate is one thing to understand mentally. But to actually change it and stop beating yourself up requires some serious inner work. Why? Low self-worth often stems from very deep-rooted issues. This becomes clear looking at the … [Read Entire Story]

Codependency Symptoms – Do These Modern Day Excuses Hide Yours?

‘Codependency’ was once a hot topic. What happened? Have the symptoms of codependency lessened? Or have we all just become better at hiding them? Suffer from codependency symptoms and want help sooner rather than later? Book a Skype therapist now and be talking as soon as tomorrow. Clarifying codependency The word ‘codependency’ has become more an … [Read Entire Story]

The Pain of Rejection – Why Does it Keep Happening To You?

Again you tried to connect with someone, and again it didn’t work out. You can pretend you don’t care, but deep down you feel betrayed and used. Why do people keep rejecting you, and why does it hurt so much? Rejection vs Feelings of Rejection Rejection itself is quite logically a straight out ‘no’. A … [Read Entire Story]

Setting Expectations Too High – a Direct Route to Stress and Depression?

What are expectations? Our prediction of how we want things to go, expectations can seem harmless. But not always. Low expectations, for example, can mean you underachieve in life, or let others manipulate you. And what about high expectations? In a world focused on success and ambition, they can seem exemplary. But high expectations are often a … [Read Entire Story]

The Victim Mentality – What It Is and Why You Use It

What is a ‘Victim Mentality’? Having a a ‘victim mentality’ means you blame your challenges in life on others around you, even if you can’t prove their negative actions.  You might also blame many things on circumstances, which you see as always unfair.  Being a Victim vs Self Pity vs Victim Mentality Bad things can happen in … [Read Entire Story]