Relationship Anxiety – Can’t Be Yourself in Love?

Relationship anxiety can see us thinking and behaving in ways we are so uncomfortable with, we sabotage the very relationship we actually want. Do you have relationship anxiety? Anxiety off the charts? Feel you need support, fast? Our booking platform provides affordable Skype therapy as soon as tomorrow. What is relationship anxiety? Anxiety is the … [Read Entire Story]

“I Want to Fall In Love” – How to Be Ready For Real Love

Do you want to fall in love, but struggle to let yourself? Or perhaps you feel you never even meet anyone you can connect to? Or nobody ever wants to be in a relationship with you? What can you do if you want to fall in love but it seems so hard? [Know there’s a [Read Entire Story]

How to Get Closer to People (Even if You Have Intimacy Issues)

Do you struggle from intimacy issues, and an inability to connect to others? Or do you worry that you will never have a good relationship or friends you can count on, even as you long to know what it feels like to trust and love another? Here are some concepts and tools you can work with … [Read Entire Story]