What is PMDD? When It’s More Than Just Premenstrual Tension

Do your low moods and anxiety tend to hit every month, then suddenly disappear? Leaving you wondering if you are bipolar, or something similar? And do you suffer worse pre-menstrual tension (PMT) than anyone you know? You might have PMDD.  … [Read Entire Story]

Can Time Alone Improve Your Moods?

In our modern online culture of ‘sharing’ our lives non-stop, the emphasis is firmly on the social. From having a high friend or followers count, to posting pictures of yourself doing things with friends or family, being alone appears to have gone out of style. And for too many of us, time [Read Entire Story]

Can Practicing Gratitude Really Change Your Mood?

‘Gratitude’ has been a popular catch phrase for some time now. But does paying attention to and  being thankful for the good things in your life really work to improve your moods? And if so, how? What is gratitude, really? A dictionary definition would place gratitude as being thankful for what you are given, implying a … [Read Entire Story]