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The Family Manager Takes Charge: Getting on the Fast Track to a Happy, Organized Home

 Being a mom means more than being a wife and parent-it also means being the household accountant, building manager, cook, gardener, housekeeper, and personal shopper-just to name a few of the roles that come with the territory! As America’s “Family Manager,” bestselling author Kathy Peel has shown millions of moms that running a household is [More About This Book]

Gratitude Is Key To Being Happy.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Practice gratitude everyday and even tho’ its impossible to have 100% of joy and happiness all of the time, due to life’s negative absurdities. It always comes down to choice in how we allow these things to effect us. I am not saying we should have the attitude of not giving a dam about things, because thats negative in itself. Its more than that. Everything is a lesson, meant to teach us more about ourselves and to help us develop our higher thinking and… spirituality. So if we choose… [Read Entire Story]

14,000 Things to Be Happy About.: Newly Revised and Updated

Something to be happy about: This mesmerizing bestseller is revised and updated. Originally published 25 years ago (happy anniversary!) from a list that Barbara Ann Kipfer started making as a child, it’s the book that marries obsession with happiness. And it now has 4,000 fresh and more current reasons to be happy:Rabbit tracks in the [More About This Book]

The Brain Bible: How to Stay Vital, Productive, and Happy for a Lifetime

THE REAL PATH TO BRAIN HEALTH–BASED ON CUTTING-EDGE BRAIN SCIENCELet’s face it: you want to keep your brain in great shape. But But how do you sift through the clutter of information and media coverage in order to find the facts?The Brain Bible One of today’s leading experts on brain health, Dr. John Arden tells [More About This Book]

DailyOM: Inspirational Thoughts for a Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilling Day

This inspirational book delivers messages of healing, awareness, and well-being. A companion to the popular DailyOM Website, it is a valuable guide that will enable you to find balance and wellness through conscious awareness. As you read these passages, which touch on topics including meditation, relationships, nature, and more, you’ll see that they’ll make the [More About This Book]

The Get Happy Now Secret

Why do we set goals and then take action to achieve them? For that matter, why do we want meaningful friendships, more money, nicer surroundings, or anything else that people commonly pursue? What is the underlying desire that drives us to do almost everything in life? Simple really, every person on the planet wants the same thing, to be happy. Isn’t… [Read Entire Story]

Permission to Feel Happy and Successful

Do you want to feel happy and successful? The answer is obvious, we all want those feelings. In addition, we would also like to feel loved, appreciated, and valued. We all have the same basic human needs and the desire to feel fulfilled in these areas is a normal part of our emotional makeup. Most of the articles I write focus on practical strategies for creating positive changes in your life because I want to help you fill those important basic needs so that you can enjoy a higher quality of life. But there is another vital aspect to living a happy, healthy, and … [Read Entire Story]

Is Productivity the Key to Happiness?

Productivity is a good thing, right? That wonderful sense of accomplishment we get from getting more done in less time can be a genuine source of joy and satisfaction. I think most of us are on the lookout for ways to ramp up our productivity. At the same time, it’s easy to get so caught up in the push that we forget why we are striving to be more productive. Have you ever wondered&#… [Read Entire Story]

6 myths about happiness

If you want to be happy in your life (and who doesn’t actually) you must first change entirely the way you look at some things. Ready? Let’s go and analyze the 6 core concepts of happiness and the truth behind each one of them. Myth #1: Happiness: you either have it or not Genes play an important role in the feeling of happiness. In fact, researchers suggest that heredity contributes 50% to someone’s happiness. This percentage is the one that actually demolishes the first … [Read Entire Story]

Advertising verses Inner Beauty? How it effects our self-image.

One of the biggest struggles facing young people today, is self-image. Everywhere you look, on TV, on billboards, in magazines, videos, movies, 90% of the time it’s all beautiful perfect people. Advertising verses inner beauty all of the time. This suffocating display of everyone being beautiful, can be very difficult for young people. Especially during junior high and high school years for both boys and girls. Girls worry about being popular, being pretty enough, having the nice clothes, having the prettiest accessories. Whereas boys, although not shown as much, they have to be worried about being cool, hanging with the coolest guys, and when old enough having the coolest car. It just seems to be all material things and outer image. Of course in reality, … [Read Entire Story]