9 Kinds of Manipulative Behaviour You Might be Guilty Of

We all know when someone is using outright manipulation, like promising us money if we do what they want. But many forms of manipulative behaviour are far more subtle.  Are you guilty of one or several of these 9 types of manipulative behaviour?  So used to manipulating others to like you that you don’t know [Read Entire Story]

Judging People – Why We Do it and the Price We Pay

You can tell yourself it’s only something you do with close friends. It’s just a bit of humour, or ‘you don’t really mean it’. But deep down, most of us know that judging people isn’t a good idea. It’s as if something inside of us feels not quite right with each snide remark that leaves … [Read Entire Story]

How to become a better friend

“Invest” emotionally in a friendship, because good friends are priceless. Friendship is like the expensive tasty wine, the more it ages the better it gets! Certainly a bonded relationship requires care and effort, since without compromises nothing can be kept “alive”. Follow the tips below in order to go deeper into your interpersonal relationships and find out how to become a better friend… Be reliable as good friends You… [Read Entire Story]

Do you inspire trust?

A positive relationship requires mutual trust. Without trust, spouses, diplomats, friends and co-workers, neighbours and others cannot build an enjoyable relationship. Sadly, many people think that they have a great relationship as long as “they can get away with it”, rather than ensuring they are trustworthy. That is called lowest-denominator thinking. I suppose it is survivalist; if surviving is your reason for living, that’s just grand. Children trust their parents just to survive. But what if you want more out of life than just surviving? Many divorces – not all, of course – boil down to one partner or both devaluing trust. War is usually the result of one or more countries or leaders failing to ensure they are … [Read Entire Story]