Abuse Article

I’ve asked before and people here have answered but I receive comments on the abuse article I wrote for PT and I appreciate it when people here answer the comments in addition to me. The thing that abused people need … Continue reading → [Read Entire Story]

Singletude, Interdependence & Independence

On Independence Day I want to repost this. I write about this in Getting Back Out There and it is NEVER too early to read GBOT. It’s about how to position yourself for getting back out there, not necessarily a … Continue reading → [Read Entire Story]

Revenge Revisited

Requested repost Revenge is never a good idea. Even though it seems as if your anger needs an outlet and the ONLY possible one is one with a target and the ONLY possible target is your ex or your ex’s … Continue reading → [Read Entire Story]

6/23 Check In Thread

How is everyone doing? It is officially summer! If you shared at the end of the last thread, feel free to re-post here. [Read Entire Story]

QoTW: Do You Feel You Take Breakups Harder Than Most?

We used to have a Question of the Week feature so I’d like to ask everyone: Do you feel you take breakups (no matter who is doing the breaking up) harder than most? If so, why? [Read Entire Story]

Words – What Were The Words

“There’s someone else.” “There’s no one else, this just isn’t it…” Fade away “It’s not you, it’s me.” “It is you…you’re crazy/mean/lazy/stupid/not attractive” What are the words that you’ve heard (not necessarily this relationship but any relationship ending) that either … Continue reading → [Read Entire Story]

The Passive-Aggressive Person In Your Life

Most of the people I counsel and speak to each day are those who have recently broken up with damn near crazy people. However, a common theme among people who seem to be seething with anger is a recent involvement … Continue reading → [Read Entire Story]

Grief is A Spiral: Recycle Happens

Requested repost “Grief is a spiral. But am I going up or coming down?” ~ C.S. Lewis I talk about recycling in GBOT because dating often triggers recycling, but so does an anniversary date, the ex’s birthday, moving into your … Continue reading → [Read Entire Story]

Step Away From The Nonsense

It always amazes me what my readers remember and ask me to repost when I have no clue what they’re talking about until I go searching for it. And then, yes, there it is. Well, here it is. Another requested … Continue reading → [Read Entire Story]


Classic triangulation typically describes a family dynamic where one person is pulled into the dynamics of what should, essentially, be a dyad (or couple). Famous family therapists such as Minuchin and Bowen described different types of triangulations in families such … Continue reading → [Read Entire Story]

June 3 Check In

Hi Everyone! New Check in Thread…if you were sharing in the last thread, feel free to paste here (even if you were responding to someone).  How is everyone doing? [Read Entire Story]

Observation / Preparation / Cultivation Explained

3 steps to changing your life when a relationship ends [Read Entire Story]

Misleading Advice

I found this on the old blog and thought I would repost: “Everyone deserves a second chance.” I have no idea where this comes from…maybe the same place where “Be a bigger person.” comes from or a million other stupid … Continue reading → [Read Entire Story]

Michael’s BD Tribute

I made this 4 years ago but I play it (and cry) every year. Happy birthday Squoo…I love you. If you notice in the San Francisco pic I had gained 50 lbs after quitting smoking and when I showed him … Continue reading → [Read Entire Story]

5/22 Check In

How is everyone doing? I know that a lot of people shared advice and comments (including me) at the end of the last check in thread and feel free to address those at the beginning of this one as well … Continue reading → The post 5/22 Check In appeared first on Getting Past Your Breakup. [Read Entire Story]

You Complete Me Is A Really Stupid Phrase

You Complete Me The post You Complete Me Is A Really Stupid Phrase appeared first on Getting Past Your Breakup. [Read Entire Story]

And for the Leeches

I’ve been rough on the “givers” the past few days (see, i.e. here), but I’m an equal opportunity annoyer. When people break up, loans don’t become gifts and visa versa. As I said in the above linked article, unreciprocated generosity … Continue reading → The post And for the Leeches appeared first on Getting Past Your Breakup. [Read Entire Story]

Strategies For Getting Over A Broken Heart

I know many of you have heard me say all this ad nauseum, but it was posted on Psychology Today today and chosen as one of the daily “Essential Reads” by the editors. 5 Things To Do To Heal Your … Continue reading → [Read Entire Story]

last call for questions

I’ll be closing the Questions post tonight and working on the first few answers tomorrow…so if you have something, get it in now!!! CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE QUESTIONS POST Thanks all!! [Read Entire Story]

Question for the Group

Please weigh in. I’m setting up a new board, group, and forum for the new book: When The Person You Love Doesn’t Love You: It’s Time To Reject The Rejecter and Find Your Way To New Love. Do you think … Continue reading → [Read Entire Story]

Trust. Broken. What Now?

Where Do You Go After Trust Has Been Broken? [Read Entire Story]


Someone emailed me and requested that I make an appearance here. I’ve had pneumonia going on my 3rd week. I’m in a fairly weakened condition and am taking it day by day. I will read comments and post when I … Continue reading → [Read Entire Story]

4/25 Check in Thread

To follow up on my thread, please post in the Check in Thread. If you posted late in the last one, feel free to post here again and please take care of each other until I get well. Thank you. [Read Entire Story]

Does Anybody Miss Me?

; It’s been 5 years since I last posted this, so most of you probably don’t remember it. Does anybody miss me? Does anybody feel the way I do? Does anybody wonder If my lost and lonely heart is missing … Continue reading → [Read Entire Story]