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Is Transactional Analysis Therapy Right For You?  

Transactional analysis therapy troubleshoots your social interactions and improves your self-awareness.  Created in the 1950s as a challenge to the then popular psychoanalysis, it aimed to be a therapy that was more accessible and produced measurable results. The result is that TA is a structured and practical system to create change in your relationships and life.  … [Read Entire Story]

“It’s All My Fault” – When You Can’t Do Anything Right

Do you find yourself saying ‘it’s all my fault’ whenever something goes wrong? Do you live with an endless sense of guilt and shame? And blame yourself for every relationship conflict? The problem with deciding “it’s all my fault” Taking responsibility when we have chosen an action that upsets others can be a sign of … [Read Entire Story]

“Should I Quit My Job?” Consider These Things First

Is the question ‘should I quit my job?’ always hovering at the back of your mind? There are very good reasons to leave a job. These include being harassed or bullied in the workplace, a job that is so stressful it’s affecting your health, and a workplace that is directly opposed to your ethics and … [Read Entire Story]

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How to Stop Judging Others (and Feel Better About Yourself)

In our previous article we discussed what judging others is all about. Why we do it, the benefits and pitfalls of judging people, and how we end up the sort of person who is always judgmental in the first place. The next question becomes, how to stop judging others all the time? How to Stop Judging Others  … [Read Entire Story]

Are the Benefits of Positive Thinking Real? And If So, How To Best Profit?

Let’s be honest here – if positive thinking alone could really change our lives, we wouldn’t be looking at epidemic-level statistics for loneliness, depression, and anxiety. But if it didn’t work at all, why is the term even still around? It turns out the benefits of positive thinking are real – but not in the … [Read Entire Story]

The Benefits of Therapy – According to Carl Rogers

Esteemed American psychologist Dr. Carl Rogers (1902 – 1987) was one of the founders of humanistic psychology, and went on to create person-centred psychotherapy. Carl Rogers was very committed to improving the benefits of therapy — how can a therapist best help a client? His decision to move away from the idea [Read Entire Story]

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No Motivation? When It’s time to Be Concerned

We all lose steam now and then. But when does having no motivation go from a mental time-out, to a serious issue that needs your attention? What is low motivation?  Motivation is when you feel driven to do things. In a very basic way, we are motivated to get out of bed. But we are … [Read Entire Story]

What is Relational Therapy and Can It Help You?

Do you often find that your relationships are affecting your mood? Are you anxious when it comes to social situations like the workplace? Or do you have a tendency to push people away even if you want them to like you? Relational therapy might be for you. What is relational therapy? Arising from the psychodynamic … [Read Entire Story]

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The Cognitive Approach – What Therapies Use It, How Does It Help?

Cognitive therapies have their roots as far back as the 1950s and 1960s. They arose as a response to the then popular psychodynamic school of thought, which focuses on looking back into the past to find your unconscious drives and hidden emotions. The cognitive approach came along and suggested that we look at the power of … [Read Entire Story]

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When Your Sex Life With Your Partner Dies – 3 Ways Forward

Is your relationship still alive (or at least dragging along), but your sex life is a desert?  What can you do if your sex life has ground to a halt?  Re-Starting Your Sex Life The below tools for re-starting your sex life with a long-term partner assume the following. 1.) You have both taken the … [Read Entire Story]

What Does a Traumatic Experience Do To Your Body and Brain?

Going through a traumatic experience is difficult enough. But the aftermath can be even more confusing. Moods can swing wildly, you can feel anxious and socially withdraw, and you might not be able to cope with day-to-day life. Physical symptoms include fatigue, muscle tension and feeling flu-like. What is going on in your body and brain to … [Read Entire Story]

Low Libido – What Psychological Issues Cause It?

Worried about your low libido? Sex drives change with age and hormones, fluctuate within relationships, and can be affected by several physical conditions or even the medication you are taking. But if your low libido is a consistent problem despite good health otherwise, if it is causing you problems in your relationships or leaving you with low … [Read Entire Story]

Find Trusting Others way too Hard? This Can Help

Do you find that trust just doesn’t come naturally for you? That you feel anxious and paranoid when you try? Or is your ‘trust radar’ all off, meaning you tend to trust the wrong people who inevitably let you down? How to be better at trusting others  1. Recognise that you already have the capacity to trust.  … [Read Entire Story]

Workaholic Symptoms – Sound a Bit Too Familiar?

We live in a world where success in increasingly prized, with pressure to display your achievements all over social media. And while some countries like Sweden are cutting back on working hours, here in the UK there are no such regulations. So how to know if you are just ambitious, have an intense personality, or … [Read Entire Story]

Surviving the School Holidays – Tips to Help Parents Cope

The kids are bored and outside their routine, with different personalities starting to clash. Add in the stress of the yearly get together with the extended family, and how to manage as a parent? You might find our article on surviving family get-togethers helpful, too. Surviving the School Holidays  1. Have empathy for your kids. … [Read Entire Story]

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What is Paranoia? And are you Suffering From It?

Uncertain modern times can leave us all feeling a little paranoid now and then. But when does paranoia shift from moments of uncertainty to a real psychological concern? What is paranoia? As a general term, paranoia is the belief you are being threatened or secretly persecuted by something or someone, even if you have no … [Read Entire Story]

What is the “Inner Child”?

A term embraced by the self-help and New Age movements, the “inner child” can seem a cliché. Despite it’s overuse, the idea of an ‘inner child’ is actually an important and useful concept that arises from psychotherapy. Many schools of therapeutic thought acknowledge the childlike side to our personalities that ‘the inner child’ refers to, calling … [Read Entire Story]

What is Trust, Really? And Is It as Important as They Say?

Trust is a word we can throw around so easily. “I don’t trust anyone”. “Why should I trust you?”. “You have to trust yourself before you can trust others”. But what IS trust, really? And why does it matter so much when it comes to emotional wellbeing? What is trust? It’s a massive concept, with … [Read Entire Story]