What is Complex PTSD and do You Have It?

Complex PTSD (CPTSD or c-PTSD) is a relatively new diagnosis. It describes the experience of those who suffered ongoing and inescapable trauma that has left them with long—term emotional, mental, and physical side affects. … [Read Entire Story]

The Different Types of Depression – is One of These You?

Not sure if you are or are not depressed? Learn about the different types of depression and what depression symptoms to look out for. Too depressed to continue, and need to talk to someone who understands? Book a Skype therapist today, be talking as soon as tomorrow. What you need to know about types of … [Read Entire Story]

“My Life With Asperger Syndrome” – A Case Study

There are so many articles about Asperger Syndrome. But what is it really like to live with? In December 2016 Piers Tyson* was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, now officially called autism spectrum disorder or ASD here in the UK. This is his story. *name changed for privacy Receiving the Diagnosis When the psychologist told me … [Read Entire Story]

Why Do People Hurt My Feelings When I Am So Nice to Them?

Do you try really hard in relationships? Only to find yourself asking, “why have you hurt my feelings when I have done nothing to deserve it?” Let’s look at why other people always let you down.   … [Read Entire Story]

9 Kinds of Manipulative Behaviour You Might be Guilty Of

We all know when someone is using outright manipulation, like promising us money if we do what they want. But many forms of manipulative behaviour are far more subtle.  Are you guilty of one or several of these 9 types of manipulative behaviour?  So used to manipulating others to like you that you don’t know [Read Entire Story]

“Why Do My Parents Hate Me?”

Living with the idea that ‘my parents hate me’ is very hard. It leaves us with very low self-esteem. Why would someone bring us into the world only to be unkind to us, or leave us feeling abandoned? … [Read Entire Story]

How to Sabotage Your Mental Wellbeing – Are You Guilty?

The NHS identifies the main ingredients of mental wellbeing as connection, staying active, always learning, giving to others, and being mindful. How are you unknowingly sabotaging these steps? [Worried your mental wellbeing is out of control? Need to talk? Book with one of our Skype therapists today, get help as soon as tomorrow [Read Entire Story]

“Why Do I Feel Bad if My Life is Good?” 5 Major Reasons

You have a nice job, friends, money in the bank. You should be feeling great. So then why do I feel bad if my life is so good? What is the matter with me? And what can I do about it? Feel so bad you aren’t sure you can carry on? Book with us today, [Read Entire Story]

Stress Management for Students – The 7 Keys To Staying Sane

You’ve read our piece on “What Is Student Stress?” and yes, that’s you. You are a mess. So what now? What are the keys to stress management for students? At your max and feel you can’t go on? Our booking site connects you with great Skype therapists, fast. Book today, talk tomorrow. 1. Stop comparing … [Read Entire Story]

Relationship Anxiety – Can’t Be Yourself in Love?

Relationship anxiety can see us thinking and behaving in ways we are so uncomfortable with, we sabotage the very relationship we actually want. Do you have relationship anxiety? Anxiety off the charts? Feel you need support, fast? Our booking platform provides affordable Skype therapy as soon as tomorrow. What is relationship anxiety? Anxiety is the … [Read Entire Story]

Student Stress – Does This Sound Like You?

You’ve made it to university.  But the excitement has worn off and you find that you are not feeling yourself.  Are you suffering from student stress? … [Read Entire Story]

Characteristics of Aspergers – “My Social Skills Are Different, And Here’s Why”

Do you wonder if a friend, loved one, or partner has Asperger’s syndrome? Characteristics of Aspergers to look for involve social skills that are different than those of the average person. Piers Jackson* was finally diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome as an adult. The label felt a great relief for him, explaining a lifetime of feeling … [Read Entire Story]

Parental Stress – Is Your Stress Affecting Your Child?

Parental stress is to be expected.  Parenting is a seriously stressful job, and it’s impossible to always be calm and stress-free around our children. But there is a difference in types of stress and how we manage stress. And it’s a difference we as parents need to understand.  Feeling at wit’s end with parental stress? [Read Entire Story]

“How Can I Be Less Sensitive?” Techniques That Help

Are you constantly told you overreact? Do your emotions ruin relationships and opportunities? Leaving you wondering ‘how can I be less sensitive?” Does your sensitivity have you at crisis point? Our booking platform harleytherapy.com provides fast and affordable Skype therapy wherever you live. Is oversensitivity something you can change? Some of us are born more … [Read Entire Story]

How to Help a Teen With Depression – Tips for Parents

What are the things you need to know if you want to help a teen with depression? And what are the things to avoid when trying to help your son or daughter with their moods?  Did you know our new booking platform connects you with teen therapists across the UK? 12 Ways to Help a … [Read Entire Story]

Why Can’t I Love My Partner? Am I Not in Love Anymore?

Lately are you worried and asking ‘why can’t I love my partner’? Does it mean you are not in love anymore? Or can the situation be fixed? If you are struggling to have the connection you want with your partner, here are some of the possible reasons why. Really low because your relationship is struggling? [Read Entire Story]

Becoming a Therapist in the Age of the Internet – With Dr. Sheri Jacobson

Harley Therapy was already a leading London therapy practice. Why branch out and start an online booking platform? And what do advances in technology mean for trainees becoming a therapist? Our founder, Dr. Sheri Jacobson, was recently interviewed on just such subjects for the ‘Masters in Counseling’ podcast you can listen to here. Let’s look … [Read Entire Story]

How Can You Be Yourself Around Others?

Do you wish you could be yourself around others but can’t seem to stop acting? Do you laugh at jokes you don’t find funny, agree to things you don’t want to do, say things you regret and don’t even mean?  Why am I not myself around others? It can come from the way we were … [Read Entire Story]

Private Mental Health Care or Public Health Service? How to Decide

The rise of Skype therapy now means that booking private mental health care is more accessible and affordable than ever. But the NHS (public health care in the UK) still provides a good service to many people. What are the main differences you need to know between public and private mental health care? Private mental … [Read Entire Story]

The Steps to Wellbeing – And Are You Making These Classic Mistakes?

You take care of your physical health – but what about your emotional and mental health? Are you taking the right steps to wellbeing? Can’t find your way to wellbeing lately? And need support?  Our new booking site helps you find a Skype or phone counsellor quickly and easily, no matter your budget or where you [Read Entire Story]

Always Thinking Something Bad is Going to Happen? Here’s Why

We all sometimes worry that something bad is going to happen. And the reality is that sometimes things DO go wrong. Life is far from perfect. But if your head is always full of worried thoughts? And if you spend most days (if not all) stressed that something bad will happen to you, your loved … [Read Entire Story]

Borderline Personality Disorder Relationships – Should You Date Him or Her?

Borderline personality relationships – avoid, or maybe? There is a lot of misinformation about borderline personality disorder on the internet that seeks to demonise those with BPD. The fact is that people with BPD are, well, people. Unique individuals who can’t all be painted with one brush despite sharing some symptoms.  Does that mean you should … [Read Entire Story]

Leaving a Relationship – How Can You Keep It Sane?

Leaving a relationship is never going to go perfectly. A breakup is a breakup because something is broken, after all. But there are certainly things you can do to make leaving a relationship as smooth as possible. How to Leave a Relationship And Protect your Mental Health 1. Get clear that you are [Read Entire Story]

What is the Dark Triad?

Psychologists use the term ‘the dark triad’ to describe three hostile personality traits. People who have these traits use other people for their own gain. A word about personality traits and disorders Psychological disorders and traits are not illnesses you can see under a microscope. They are terms created by mental health professionals to describe [&# [Read Entire Story]