How to Help a Partner with Depression, Anxiety, and Childhood Issues

You love your partner. But you are worried because they are struggling. How can you help a partner with depression? What if they suffer anxiety, or had a difficult childhood? … [Read Entire Story]

“How Can I Remember Childhood Trauma and Abuse?”

The most common question readers ask us is, “how can I remember childhood trauma and abuse?” It’s understandable. Suspecting you were abused or traumatised as a child is an overwhelming experience. Once the shock wears off, it’s normal to want to know exactly what happened to you.  … [Read Entire Story]

Repressed Memories – Are They Real and Do They Really Matter?

Repressed memories are an important yet controversial topic in psychology. Do these memories really exist, do they matter as much as some people think, and how are they best dealt with if so? What are repressed memories? The concept of repressed memory is that when something happens that is very shocking or hard to handle, … [Read Entire Story]