5 Great Steps to Building Self-Confidence

Self Confidence – The Two Essential Avenues For Building Confidence

SW City’s Realistic Building Checklist

Checklist Setting and infrastructure Environment Road and sidewalk connection Parking situation Utility support Property dividers Exterior FoundationUnless you’re building on top of a paved lot, it’s recommended to build a foundation. Raise the floors one or two clicks, and connect it to the ground with a good concrete or brick texture. Drain PipesUse the thdp1.rwx – 3.rwx objects if you don’t want to create your own. VentsVents are the perfect way to fill in some empty space on an outside wall. TrimmingPlace trims along the edges and in-between different entities on a build to add a more authentic look. CrowningBe sure your roof has some overhang. Roof … [Read Entire Story]

Satellite Dish AWG from SW City Builders Academy

I uploaded and attached the AWG to this post mainly to test the file attachment feature and give you Alpha World Builders  a taste of what is coming soon on this blog. Thanks to The Fine Folk of SW City for the use of this 1 file and Photo. satellite_dishes Click Link or Picture to Download For more info on AWG See SW City’s FAQ Below http://www.swcity.net/academy/index.php?n=Main.AWGFAQ http://www [Read Entire Story]

Wisdom Circles: A Guide to Self Discovery and Community Building in Small Groups

Gathering in small group circles to heal, share, and celebrate has moved from new age workshops and 12-step programs into the mainstream. This practical, inspirational guide shows readers how to use the power of the circle to effect changes in their lives and in their communities Targeted print ads .At a time of increasing loneliness [More About This Book]

Recreating Your Self: Building Self-Esteem Through Imaging and Self-Hypnosis

“This compelling and considerate guide very gently yet powerfully shows the adult child how to develop a strong and solid sense of self.”—Emily J. Marlin, C.S.W. For people who were emotionally and physically wounded as children, the journey from childhood to adulthood is a constant struggle with shame, self-criticism, and fear. This book shows these [More About This Book]