What is Complex PTSD and do You Have It?

Complex PTSD (CPTSD or c-PTSD) is a relatively new diagnosis. It describes the experience of those who suffered ongoing and inescapable trauma that has left them with long—term emotional, mental, and physical side affects. … [Read Entire Story]

How to Sabotage Your Mental Wellbeing – Are You Guilty?

The NHS identifies the main ingredients of mental wellbeing as connection, staying active, always learning, giving to others, and being mindful. How are you unknowingly sabotaging these steps? [Worried your mental wellbeing is out of control? Need to talk? Book with one of our Skype therapists today, get help as soon as tomorrow [Read Entire Story]

Stress Management for Students – The 7 Keys To Staying Sane

You’ve read our piece on “What Is Student Stress?” and yes, that’s you. You are a mess. So what now? What are the keys to stress management for students? At your max and feel you can’t go on? Our booking site connects you with great Skype therapists, fast. Book today, talk tomorrow. 1. Stop comparing … [Read Entire Story]

Student Stress – Does This Sound Like You?

You’ve made it to university.  But the excitement has worn off and you find that you are not feeling yourself.  Are you suffering from student stress? … [Read Entire Story]

Reparenting Yourself – How to Heal the Mother Wound

Our mothers give us life. In the face of this, it can feel hard to admit if our mother was unable to provide us with the unconditional love, support and safety we needed. How can we heal the mother wound and stop wandering through life without the self-esteem that others seem to naturally have?  At [Read Entire Story]

Life Balance Tips – Have You Tried This?

Do you want to achieve a balanced life, but are not sure where to start? Need life balance tips? Work life balance The focus here is often on work life balance. And with good reason. The UK’s Mental Health foundation found a staggering 40 per cent of those surveyed neglected other parts of their life … [Read Entire Story]

“How Can I Be Less Sensitive?” Techniques That Help

Are you constantly told you overreact? Do your emotions ruin relationships and opportunities? Leaving you wondering ‘how can I be less sensitive?” Does your sensitivity have you at crisis point? Our booking platform harleytherapy.com provides fast and affordable Skype therapy wherever you live. Is oversensitivity something you can change? Some of us are born more … [Read Entire Story]

Always Thinking Something Bad is Going to Happen? Here’s Why

We all sometimes worry that something bad is going to happen. And the reality is that sometimes things DO go wrong. Life is far from perfect. But if your head is always full of worried thoughts? And if you spend most days (if not all) stressed that something bad will happen to you, your loved … [Read Entire Story]

Denial in Psychology- Are You Using This Defence Mechanism?

Denial in psychology originates from  psychoanalytic theory and its ideas about ‘defence mechanisms‘. What are defence mechanisms? Defence mechanisms are unconscious forms of self-deception we use to avoid anxiety and emotional pain, or to ensure we are ‘acceptable’ to others. Denial is a very popular defence mechanism. It is when we act [Read Entire Story]

Worry and Anxiety – And Why The Difference Matters

Worry and anxiety  tend to be interchangeable in daily conversations. “I’m so anxious about my upcoming test” means the same as, “I am so worried”. But when it comes to psychology, worry and anxiety are two different things. And one is more serious than the other. … [Read Entire Story]

Overcoming Fear of Failure – What To Do When It Next Hits

Overcoming fear of failure requires a lot more than a pep talk. Why? A true fear of failure is rarely present-based or even logic. Yes, you might have a big presentation to do, and yes, your fear of messing it up is real. But if fear of failure is something you constantly battle with, then … [Read Entire Story]

“Why Am I So Oversensitive?”

Being oversensitive can feel a blessing and a curse. Do you often feel like you were born with the capacity to feel things that others just can’t? Or lack the self protective ‘skin’ others seem to naturally have? Are you emotionally sensitive? “Oversensitive” is perhaps not the best term because it is a judgement. It … [Read Entire Story]

Introverts in the Workplace – How Can You Cope?

From open space environments to team building events, modern work life is rarely geared to introverts in the workplace. How can you navigate expectations and succeed in a workplace geared to extroverts if you are an introvert? Are you actually an introvert?  The word ‘introvert’ is very misunderstood. Introvert and shyness are not synonyms, nor is … [Read Entire Story]

Losing Something You Love – Why You Feel So Upset and When to Worry

Life can give, but it can also take away without warning. And we all know that when what is lost is a loved one or a relationship that matters, it can lead to bereavement and loss. But what about losing something you love like an ongoing social event you’ve attended for years, a volunteering job you … [Read Entire Story]

What Does Feeling Vulnerable Mean? (Perhaps Not What You Think)

Have you always secretly maintained that being emotionally vulnerable is a terrible idea?  For those of us who experienced childhood trauma (and sadly, that’s many of us) avoiding emotional vulnerability might have been a useful survival tactic. We just couldn’t bear to feel any more emotional pain, so we learned to dodge it. But are … [Read Entire Story]

What Does a Traumatic Experience Do To Your Body and Brain?

Going through a traumatic experience is difficult enough. But the aftermath can be even more confusing. Moods can swing wildly, you can feel anxious and socially withdraw, and you might not be able to cope with day-to-day life. Physical symptoms include fatigue, muscle tension and feeling flu-like. What is going on in your body and brain to … [Read Entire Story]

What is Paranoia? And are you Suffering From It?

Uncertain modern times can leave us all feeling a little paranoid now and then. But when does paranoia shift from moments of uncertainty to a real psychological concern? What is paranoia? As a general term, paranoia is the belief you are being threatened or secretly persecuted by something or someone, even if you have no … [Read Entire Story]

Tough Childhood? The Effects of Trauma on Your Brain

The effects of childhood trauma are very real and can persist long into adulthood if proper support is not sought. Don’t believe it? Science now shows that childhood trauma actually affects your brain. How the brain develops Although the bulk of it develops while in the womb, your brain continues to grow and build itself. Neural … [Read Entire Story]

Holiday Anxiety – Are you Suffering, and Should You Be Worried?

It’s December again (how did that happen?).  And despite your promise to not let anything get to you this year, you feel edgier by the day, are finding it harder and harder to sleep, and are snappy with your colleagues. Are you suffering holiday anxiety? Why does it happen to you? And when should you … [Read Entire Story]

Decision Making Skills Not Great? You Might Have a Related Condition

Do decisions make you panic? Or does your lack of decisiveness leave those you love constantly frustrated with you? If decision-making skills are a real struggle for you it could be related to one of the following psychological issues. 1. Low self-esteem Are you concerned what people around you will think of your decision? Do you fret … [Read Entire Story]

Powerlessness – When World Events Leave You Lost, What Next?

Sometimes the world, and life, can do crazy things. And suddenly there you are, sitting on your couch, completely numb because things are so out of your control you feel completely powerless. What can you do to stop the quicksand feeling and get going when you are sure your hands are tied? … [Read Entire Story]

How to Handle Rejection – 5 Ways Forward

Being rejected, whether it’s in romance, friendship, or at work, never feels good. Any advice to ‘think positively’ or ‘not to let it affect you’ rarely works. So what are real tactics for managing rejection more effectively?  Does rejection seem to be a pattern in your life? Read our connected piece, “Why Does Rejection Keep Happening [Read Entire Story]

High Expectations? 11 Ways to Make Sure They Work For and Not Against You

High expectations are something we are taught are necessary if we are to have a ‘good’ life or real self-worth. But too often high expectations are just a form of control. Instead of satisfaction, they can lead to self-judgement, feeling let down, stress, and low moods. … [Read Entire Story]

Known to “Zone Out”? The Dangers of Dissociation

We can all ‘space out’ now and then. We get to work and realise we haven’t noticed a thing we walked past, or find we are on the last biscuit without realising. And when big life change comes, again, it’s a normal response to feel overwhelmed. Anyone who has lost their job, or lost a … [Read Entire Story]