How Do I Make Decisions from No-mind?

One of the most common questions that I get revolves around how to live when you no longer act from the ego. The above question is one way of expressing it, but here are some common variants:How will I work a job staying as the witness?How do take Continue Reading

This Is Not The End – Inspiring Speech On Depression & Mental Health

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What is Alexithymia? When Emotions Just Aren’t Your Thing

Do you draw a blank when people ask you how you feel? Are you often accused of not understanding others, or not showing enough empathy? Even when you tried your best? You might have a personality trait called alexithymia. … Read entire story Continue Reading

How to Build Self Confidence | Morning Motivation | Motivaitonal Video

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Become a Regular Donor

Today, I'm officially announcing an opportunity for you to become a regular donor to this spiritual awakening blog and my spiritual teaching work.Down below, you can click the subscribe button. The subscription is a $15 a month donation that Continue Reading

“Why Do I Feel Bad if My Life is Good?” 5 Major Reasons

You have a nice job, friends, money in the bank. You should be feeling great. So then why do I feel bad if my life is so good? What is the matter with me? And what can I do about it? Feel so bad you aren’t sure you can carry on? Book with us Continue Reading

The Path to Nowhere

I've written about today's topic in a number of ways. My blog post called, "Be Nobody," is one. The video about "The Freedom of a Meaningless Life" is another, but it just feels like it is time to return to this topic in Continue Reading

20 Best Inspirational Quotes for Students

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Stress Management for Students – The 7 Keys To Staying Sane

You’ve read our piece on “What Is Student Stress?” and yes, that’s you. You are a mess. So what now? What are the keys to stress management for students? At your max and feel you can’t go on? Our booking site connects you with great Continue Reading

Motivational quote Nepali

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Relationship Anxiety – Can’t Be Yourself in Love?

Relationship anxiety can see us thinking and behaving in ways we are so uncomfortable with, we sabotage the very relationship we actually want. Do you have relationship anxiety? Anxiety off the charts? Feel you need support, fast? Our booking Continue Reading

Repairing an Awakening Gone Bad

A spiritual awakening is a discovery of the truth. It is an opening to our true nature. It is a return from ego illusions into the reality of the present moment. It is many, many things, but it is not bad.So how do so many awakenings go Continue Reading

Insight Into Depression – Sadhguru

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Student Stress – Does This Sound Like You?

You’ve made it to university.  But the excitement has worn off and you find that you are not feeling yourself.  Are you suffering from student stress? Totally overwhelmed by being at school? Need someone to talk to, fast, at a price you can afford? Continue Reading

Why Self-Esteem Is the Secret to Success

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Reparenting Yourself – How to Heal the Mother Wound

Our mothers give us life. In the face of this, it can feel hard to admit if our mother was unable to provide us with the unconditional love, support and safety we needed. How can we heal the mother wound and stop wandering through life without the Continue Reading

Expressing Love in a Cynical Society

Let's get right to it:I love you.Immediately, all kinds of responses have been triggered in people, depending on their relationship to love. Some of you accepted this easily. Others who are more open felt it. Yet others may have even experienced Continue Reading

Dream – Motivational Video

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Recording: How to Avoid Creating a Spiritual Ego

Many people are focused on other people's egos and what others are doing wrong. But it's always easier to find the error in another than in ourselves. This is precisely why doing inner work is so important. Turning our attention inwards gives us Continue Reading

Characteristics of Aspergers – “My Social Skills Are Different, And Here’s Why”

Do you wonder if a friend, loved one, or partner has Asperger’s syndrome? Characteristics of Aspergers to look for involve social skills that are different than those of the average person. Piers Jackson* was finally diagnosed with Continue Reading

ACT: The Live Better Series – Addressing Depression #1

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Donating to Support the Blog

If you can believe it, I've been writing this blog for more than 8 years at the time of this post. It's pretty incredible. In the last 3 and 1/2 years, I've been fully supported financially because of many of you.Thank you.As it often Continue Reading

How to Help a Partner with Depression, Anxiety, and Childhood Issues

You love your partner. But you are worried because they are struggling. How can you help a partner with depression? What if they suffer anxiety, or had a difficult childhood? Are you overwhelmed by your partner’s problems? Not sure whether to Continue Reading

Imbalances Caused by Spiritual Growth

I frequently get questions from people when they feel imbalanced in some way. What do I mean by imbalanced? I mean the mind is upset, or there are a lot of turbulent emotions. Sometimes people have very strong physical sensations or energetic Continue Reading