NTC Education Helped Alum Gain Confidence as a Nurse | NTC …

NTC Education Helped Alum Gain Confidence as a Nurse. While working in the medical field, Certified Nursing Assistant Stephanie Winger found her passion for taking care of others. Living in Bemidji, the Hutchinson, Minn., … [Read Entire Story]

'I suffer from severe psychological issues and I need the help of …

"What people need to understand is that I'm plagued by very real and very serious mental health issues that leave me with considerable mental deficits and sharply distort the reality I perceive," said Trump, his blunt and … [Read Entire Story]

LoveDoctordotIn: Snapchat Helps People in Abusive Relationships

A group of three people has come forward with a plan to tackle the problem of intimate partner violence using a Snapchat account called LoveDoctordocIn. [Read Entire Story]

7 Ways to Unwind Effectively after Work – Self Development Journey

Unwinding after work is important for mental and physical well being. Here are 7 ways to unwind effectively after work and make the most of your time. [Read Entire Story]

Bipolar Scotland – Self Help groups meeting w/c 7 March 2016

Self help groups meeting w/c 7 March 2016. Tuesday 8 March – Fife, 7pm – 9pm, Hunter House, John Hunter Court (off St Brycedale Road), Kirkcaldy, KY1 1EQ. Tuesday 8 March – Dumfries, 2pm – 4pm, Kaleidoscope, … [Read Entire Story]

Cognitive behavior therapy can help overcome fear of the dentist …

Cognitive behavioral therapy could help many people with a dental phobia overcome their fear of visiting the dentist and enable them to receive dental treatment without the need to be sedated, according to a new study. [Read Entire Story]

Three Health Benefits of Positive Thinking. : ThyBlackMan.com

(ThyBlackMan.com) Put two people in the same set of adversarial circumstances and you will likely get two very different responses to their environment. One person will likely think in dire terms while the other will think … [Read Entire Story]

Role of SWOT Analysis in Personal Development – PESTLE Analysis

Though SWOT analysis is used primarily for business and marketing purposes, it can also help individuals assess their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Personal development is essential for an individual to look more … [Read Entire Story]

The most powerful influence on your daughter's life. – Life Coaching …

You work hard, taking care of everyone and everything. You are responsible and you get things done. You've been invited to a super fun event with super fun people. It's right up your alley: relaxing, interesting, inspiring, and … [Read Entire Story]

Hewett Academy defends talk highlighting self confidence of Donald …

That is the question prompted by an assembly at the Hewett Academy which saw vice-principal Antony Little highlight how Donald Trump's levels of self-confidence helped him rocket to the top of the Republican polls, despite … [Read Entire Story]

Children's self-esteem already established by age five — ScienceDaily

By age 5 children have a sense of self-esteem comparable in strength to that of adults, according to a new study. [Read Entire Story]

RCC finalizes lease with Self-Help Ventures Fund | Renaissance …

We are thrilled to announce the RCC has finalized a lease with Self-Help Ventures Fund! It's officially official – after more than 16 years of struggle and 4 years of work on the development of the Renaissance Community … [Read Entire Story]

Couples360, Part 1: A Fresh Approach for Couples Counseling …

Is it time for a new approach in couples therapy? Instead of traditional couples therapy, Couples360's collaborative therapy approach treats the relationship itself as the patient. [Read Entire Story]

4 Important Lessons Mental Health Recovery Has Taught Me …

We've shared many stories about struggling with mental health – but how many have you read about recovery? This author shares why “recovery” is a bit of a misnomer, but the process has brought some crucial insights. [Read Entire Story]

Motivational Quotes from Big Boy, Kanye West, Brother Ali, Boosie …

Motivational Quotes: Kanye West, Brother Ali, Boosie Badazz, Big Boy & No Malice. March 9, 2016 | 7:30 AM. by Justin Hunte. Motivational Quotes: Kanye West, Brother Ali, Boosie Badazz, Big Boy & No. Brother Ali by Adam Stanzack. 11. [Read Entire Story]

5 Priceless Lessons In Collaboration, Risk Taking, And Motivation …

Best-selling author Charles Duhigg offers lessons from Saturday Night Live, Frozen, and the Marines in stretching beyond your comfort zone. [Read Entire Story]

Why Negative Rates Can't Stop the Coming Depression | Zero Hedge

Inflation, defaults, depression, war, and revolution all raise bond yields because all increase the odds that you won't get your money back. That's why countries with much uncertainty – such as Venezuela – have higher … [Read Entire Story]

A new bill could return needed funding to help people facing mental …

A Rockford mental health facility says it could close its doors if it does not receive state funding soon. A new bill proposed in the state house would return funding. [Read Entire Story]

Everyone Needs To Listen To Judge Judy's Brutal Relationship Advice

She may rule with an iron gavel, but her advice is solid. Judge Judy Sheindlin's show, Judge Judy, has been on the air for nearly 20 years, and she's been a. [Read Entire Story]

I-CLASS, CV and Public Speaking Training to Improve Self …

I-CLASS, CV and Public Speaking Training to Improve Self-Development. Posted on 07/03/2016 by IAAS LC IPB. On March 5th 2016, Science and Technology Department (STD) has successfully held I-Class “CV and Public Speaking … [Read Entire Story]

3 Ways Positive Thinking Can Go Wrong (and what to do about it)

Learn how positive thinking can go really wrong and make you miserable and not satisfied with your life and also what you can instead of thinking positively. [Read Entire Story]

Behavioral Treatment for Kids With Anxiety | Child Mind Institute

But what many people don't know is that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be very effective for kids who are anxious. In fact, research over more than 20 years has shown that CBT is the most effective treatment for reducing symptoms of … [Read Entire Story]

IV Personal Development Program by Iyanla Vanzant – YouTube

Beloveds, please click the linked page bellow. click the button labeled: "INVEST IN YOU" Begin a new investment for your soul today! http://www.innervisionsworldwide.com/ … [Read Entire Story]

Stamford Life Coach Focuses On Developing Clients' Self Confidence

STAMFORD, Conn. — Making the changes you need to achieve more in life often is just a matter of confidence, said a Stamford life coach."Self confidence is an area where I do an enormous amount of work," said Judy … [Read Entire Story]