Student Stress – Does This Sound Like You?

You’ve made it to university.  But the excitement has worn off and you find that you are not feeling yourself.  Are you suffering from student stress? … [Read Entire Story]

Reparenting Yourself – How to Heal the Mother Wound

Our mothers give us life. In the face of this, it can feel hard to admit if our mother was unable to provide us with the unconditional love, support and safety we needed. How can we heal the mother wound and stop wandering through life without the self-esteem that others seem to naturally have?  At [Read Entire Story]

Expressing Love in a Cynical Society

Let's get right to it:I love you.Immediately, all kinds of responses have been triggered in people, depending on their relationship to love. Some of you accepted this easily. Others who are more open felt it. Yet others may have even experienced an energetic surge ripple through letting you know just how deeply I have expressed this.But far more rejected this simple statement. The basic responses are as follows:Doubt. Because we are taught to have all kinds of beliefs about when and how love should be offered, doubt … [Read Entire Story]

Recording: How to Avoid Creating a Spiritual Ego

Many people are focused on other people’s egos and what others are doing wrong. But it’s always easier to find the error in another than in ourselves. This is precisely why doing inner work is so important. Turning our attention inwards gives us clarity about who we are and who we are trying to be. This clarity is one of many key tools to help us avoid creating… [Read Entire Story]

Characteristics of Aspergers – “My Social Skills Are Different, And Here’s Why”

Do you wonder if a friend, loved one, or partner has Asperger’s syndrome? Characteristics of Aspergers to look for involve social skills that are different than those of the average person. Piers Jackson* was finally diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome as an adult. The label felt a great relief for him, explaining a lifetime of feeling … [Read Entire Story]

Donating to Support the Blog

If you can believe it, I've been writing this blog for more than 8 years at the time of this post. It's pretty incredible. In the last 3 and 1/2 years, I've been fully supported financially because of many of you.Thank you.As it often seems, the costs of doing business continue to grow. One of the newer costs is … [Read Entire Story]

How to Help a Partner with Depression, Anxiety, and Childhood Issues

You love your partner. But you are worried because they are struggling. How can you help a partner with depression? What if they suffer anxiety, or had a difficult childhood? … [Read Entire Story]

Imbalances Caused by Spiritual Growth

I frequently get questions from people when they feel imbalanced in some way. What do I mean by imbalanced? I mean the mind is upset, or there are a lot of turbulent emotions. Sometimes people have very strong physical sensations or energetic experiences. These experiences are not part of the person's usual set of experiences of themselves, or they're lasting longer than usual.So if someone is processing through a lot of fear, it may last longer than they're used to feeling scared. This fear isn't a "balanced" state. It's an agitated state, and sometimes people get into these imbalanced states for awhile as they grow. Many people worry that something is going wrong.In general, most painful experiences that … [Read Entire Story]

Parental Stress – Is Your Stress Affecting Your Child?

Parental stress is to be expected.  Parenting is a seriously stressful job, and it’s impossible to always be calm and stress-free around our children. But there is a difference in types of stress and how we manage stress. And it’s a difference we as parents need to understand.  Feeling at wit’s end with parental stress? [Read Entire Story]

Spiritual Awakening Master Class Announcement

Hi all! This is Jim Tolles. This post is a short announcement for an interview I recently did with Lindsey Fitzgibbons. She’s hosting a series of interviews on spiritual topics. In our interview, I discussed more about how I choose to teach, about spiritual freedom, and some other topics.Below I’ve pasted information about what is being called a “spiritual awakening master class.” Feel free to read below and sign up if it resonates.Also, none of the following copy are my words, and this isn’t a series of classes that I am offering. I only have one 30 minute interview in it. This is just the marketing language I’ve been given, and as many of my long-term readers know, this isn’t how I talk about… [Read Entire Story]

The Mother Wound – Were You Under Mothered?

The mother wound is not a clinical diagnosis. But is a useful short hand to describe a very real psychological issue – being under mothered. Those with a mother wound are left to navigate adulthood without the base of confidence and security that enough mothering instills. [Do you feel your mother issues are so [Read Entire Story]

Are You Interested in Working with a Spiritual Teacher?

Are You Ready to Dive Into Spiritual Work?There are many reasons that people become interested in working with a spiritual teacher, and part of the journey to truly be "teachable" involves understanding why you're even interested in the spiritual path.When you know why you're really on the spiritual path, that makes it so much easier to figure out what kind of teacher with whom to work. You understand… [Read Entire Story]

Life Balance Tips – Have You Tried This?

Do you want to achieve a balanced life, but are not sure where to start? Need life balance tips? Work life balance The focus here is often on work life balance. And with good reason. The UK’s Mental Health foundation found a staggering 40 per cent of those surveyed neglected other parts of their life … [Read Entire Story]

Online Talk: How to Avoid Creating a Spiritual Ego

Many people are focused on other people’s egos and what others are doing wrong. But it’s always easier to find the error in another than in ourselves. This is precisely why doing inner work is so important. Turning our attention inwards gives us clarity about who we are and who we are trying to be. This clarity is one of many key tools to help us avoid creating a spiritual ego.A spiritual ego is nothing… [Read Entire Story]

“How Can I Be Less Sensitive?” Techniques That Help

Are you constantly told you overreact? Do your emotions ruin relationships and opportunities? Leaving you wondering ‘how can I be less sensitive?” Does your sensitivity have you at crisis point? Our booking platform provides fast and affordable Skype therapy wherever you live. Is oversensitivity something you can change? Some of us are born more … [Read Entire Story]

Updated Apathy and Spiritually Stuck Blog Posts

My work on updating important older spiritual posts continues. This time around, I updated a post about getting stuck after a spiritual awakening as well as the sense of apathy and indifference that can arise after awakening. Both of these topics are awakening-specific rather than speaking to the many other ways people feel stuck or are apathetic in life or on the spiritual path. As a general [Read Entire Story]

How to Help a Teen With Depression – Tips for Parents

What are the things you need to know if you want to help a teen with depression? And what are the things to avoid when trying to help your son or daughter with their moods?  Did you know our new booking platform connects you with teen therapists across the UK? 12 Ways to Help a … [Read Entire Story]

Recording: Releasing Attachments

At the heart of the path to spiritual freedom is releasing attachments. Whatever we are attached to can bring about suffering, including attachments that seem to create good things in our lives.Consider that you really love your most intimate relationship. You’re attached to it. Then, like all things in the human world, it goes away. Now, that attachment makes you upset.Or during the relationship, the attachment puts all kinds of expectations upon your partner. If they act the way you want, you’re happy. If they don’t, then you’re not. You are suffering, and you are… [Read Entire Story]

Why Can’t I Love My Partner? Am I Not in Love Anymore?

Lately are you worried and asking ‘why can’t I love my partner’? Does it mean you are not in love anymore? Or can the situation be fixed? If you are struggling to have the connection you want with your partner, here are some of the possible reasons why. Really low because your relationship is struggling? [Read Entire Story]

Completing Cycles and Crossing Thresholds

Several years ago, I wrote a post about coming to completion, and it feels like it’s high past the time to talk more about what it means to come to completion and crossing thresholds into new cycles in life.Have you ever had a moment when you felt simply done with something? Not “over it.” Not deciding that it’s time to move on. You are simply done. You feel … [Read Entire Story]

Becoming a Therapist in the Age of the Internet – With Dr. Sheri Jacobson

Harley Therapy was already a leading London therapy practice. Why branch out and start an online booking platform? And what do advances in technology mean for trainees becoming a therapist? Our founder, Dr. Sheri Jacobson, was recently interviewed on just such subjects for the ‘Masters in Counseling’ podcast you can listen to here. Let’s look … [Read Entire Story]

“How Can I Remember Childhood Trauma and Abuse?”

The most common question readers ask us is, “how can I remember childhood trauma and abuse?” It’s understandable. Suspecting you were abused or traumatised as a child is an overwhelming experience. Once the shock wears off, it’s normal to want to know exactly what happened to you.  … [Read Entire Story]

Updated Dark Night and Spiritual Pain Blog Posts

The ongoing renovation of old blog posts continues! This time around, I completely re-wrote posts on spiritual awakening and pain as well as the post about the dark night of the soul. Hopefully, they are clearer than they were before.As a short aside, thanks to all my donors. All your donations help [Read Entire Story]

Recording: Feeling Split from your Ego

The first time someone feels split from the ego can be quite shocking. Since most people aren’t prepared for such an experience, a person can jump to all kinds of conclusions and have all kinds of reactions. If someone doesn’t resist, the person can have a very beautiful experience. If someone does resist, they can freak out and leap to crazy ideas of thinking they’re possessed by a demon or entity!Nope. No possession. You’re just finding out that you’re not your ego.Then, many people go back to their typical identification with their egos, and nothing further happens. However, some people let go just enough that they don’t go back to full identification. Instead, they feel caught in… [Read Entire Story]