Having a positive attitude – Is it just wishful thinking? – Ecademy

The idea that positive thinking is a good thing can sometimes get bad press. Now I'd be the first to say that simply having a positive attitude will not solve all your problems. It's not a silver bullet; not a panacea. We won't solve … [Read Entire Story]

Self-Esteem and Self-Control: How Facebook May Hurt Your Clients

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Mental Health: Finding And Offering Help – Hartford Courant

IF YOU NEED HELP:The 211 InfoLine administered by United Way of Connecticut is a suicide and crisis line with links to all adult and child crisis units. Also provides information and referrals, [Read Entire Story]

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Are you concerned about the US Citizenship exam and interview? Apply for the IIIC's Citizenship Class to prepare for it! The six week course outlines the stages of the US. [Read Entire Story]

Everything you need to know about self-confidence

(NaturalNews) Do you need greater self-confidence to pursue the life you want? You can have it, regardless of past failures or how much you doubt yourself in the present. How can I be so sure? Because I understand the … [Read Entire Story]

Improving Adult Literacy Instruction – The National Academies Press

Improving Adult Literacy Instruction: Supporting Learning and Motivation, which is based on the report, describes principles of effective instruction to guide those who design and administer adult literacy programs and courses. It also explores … [Read Entire Story]