How does depression affect the heart? – American Heart Association

Depression is reported in an estimated 1 in 10 of Americans ages 18 and older, and the figure can be as high as 33 percent for heart attack patients. But just feeling down can lead to changes that can affect your health, and … [Read Entire Story]

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The state, the drought and El Nino—a complicated relationship

El Niño will also help replenish some groundwater, even though levels won't go back to normal. That would take many, many years. In some places in Southern California and the Central Valley, they're diverting water into … [Read Entire Story]

Lack of Self-Confidence: Why Saudis Fear the Rise of Iran? – Sputnik

The real reason behind the ongoing beef between Saudi Arabia and Iran is that Riyadh fears that the increasing role of Tehran in the region is happening at the expense of Saudi Arabia, political analyst Milad Jokar, who … [Read Entire Story]

Obesity Surgery and Mental Health Disorders – WebMD

TUESDAY, Jan. 12, 2016 (HealthDay News) — Many people having surgery for severe obesity also have mental health conditions, particularly depression and binge-eating disorder, a new review finds. The analysis of 68 studies found that … [Read Entire Story]

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The Annoying Reason Why Guys Have So Much Confidence

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Children need a culture that boosts self-expression, self-confidence …

If Thailand expects its citizens to become more creative, self-confident and analytical, we need to create an environment in which children can grow and feel comfortable about doing things differently and raising questions. [Read Entire Story]

Self-help Groups of Women to Provide Food on Trains – The New …

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