Expectations – Use Awareness to Expect the Best

Do you ever find yourself feeling stuck in negative thought patterns that dampen your expectations? You know the kind I mean, where you start expecting the worst possible outcomes.  Have you ever thought or said: ‘I don’t think I can make this work, or I seriously doubt that I can pull this off.” This is a common mindset that often proves very difficult to change even after you finally decide that you’ve had enough.  That’s because the negative thoughts behind the negative expectations tend to breed and multiply like a malicious … [Read Entire Story]

Find Happiness – Break Free from Conventional Thinking

What if I said that conventional thinking is at best only a beginning, and often just leads to a dead end? Not only that, but what if I also said that it has a way of limiting our beliefs and closing our minds to the possibility of living an extraordinary life of true happiness. Why would I say such a thing? Because conventional thinking is based on widely accepted assumptions which may, or may not, be true. Either way, these assumptions are designed to channel you into the vast sea of normality. In … [Read Entire Story]

Positive Energy in the Middle of Bad News

How does the endless supply of bad news pouring over the airwaves day after day make you feel? Is your exposure to this pervasive influence beginning to take a toll on your positive energy? Admittedly, it can be extremely challenging to maintain an optimistic attitude when you are surrounded by bad news and uncertainty. So, how is it that some people manage to maintain their… [Read Entire Story]

Where Does Personal Excellence Begin?

Personal excellence is an interesting concept, but what does it actually mean? It means striving to become the best possible expression of who we are on a core level. How is it that we go about creating personal excellence in our lives?  Do we just need to figure out the best strategy and then commit ourselves to following … [Read Entire Story]

Full Presence Stomps Multitasking

In life is full presence in the moment better than multitasking? My greatest happiness and best accomplishments have emerged from all those times when I have been fully present. The gap between the knowing and the doing is what brings me here to share my thoughts with you. Is it even possible to be completely in the moment in this madly changing and swiftly moving world? The explosion of information age is anything but slowing down and we naturally want to partake on this exciting journey, on all of it and at the same time. Consuming as much as possible, doing as many things as possible, and being… [Read Entire Story]

The Good Life, More Than Money?

Many years ago I heard a wonderful parable about the good life that illustrated a really powerful life lesson. When I discovered that the good life parable had been turned into a video, I just had to share it with you. This is a 3-minute animated movie by New York Times bestselling author Mark Albion. “The Good Life” takes you to a chance meeting between an MBA and a fisherman on a small island. As… [Read Entire Story]

20 Ways to Save Your Brain

Do you feel like it is getting more difficult to focus your attention, or calculate numbers in your head? Do you ever feel like you have brain fog? I hope you haven’t accepted the notion that a slowdown in mental acuity is an inevitable part of getting older. It’s not! Many things can contribute to a decline in mental performance and brain function, and one of the major contributors is what I like to call the use it or lose it syndrome. 20 Ways to Train Your Brain for Peak Performance In order to stay sharp, … [Read Entire Story]

7 Actions that Produce Amazing Results

Why is it that everybody gets so excited at the beginning of a new year? Simply stated, people love the idea of renewal. The mindset of: “out with the old, in with the new” has a lot of emotional appeal for several reasons. If the previous year did not bring the level of personal growth or achievement they had hoped, then the prospect of a new beginning… [Read Entire Story]

How Your Beliefs Create Your Reality part 2

Understanding that the mind is only creative can help us grasp the power of beliefs. George Orwell once said that “myths which are believed in tend to become true.” This is especially true on an individual basis. By now, most of us realize that our perception of reality is heavily influenced by our beliefs, but the full extent of this influence is often underestimated. Each of us has a variety of methods for altering our reality so it conforms to what we believe to be real. Each of us is a reality alteration expert. In part one of this series we talked about how … [Read Entire Story]

How Your Beliefs Create Your Reality part 3

On a subconscious level, each of us is convinced that our beliefs are both true and accurate. After all, they must be correct, otherwise why would we choose to believe them, right? Here’s how the dictionary defines – Belief: “Acceptance by the mind that something is true or real, often underpinned by an emotional… [Read Entire Story]

More Pleasure – Less Pain

There are a couple of things that I’d like to clarify regarding our emotional desire to seek pleasure and avoid pain.  It’s not the actual pain or pleasure that drives us, it is really something else. Any idea what that is? Our desire to avoid pain is really based on fear. What fear? The fear of taking any action that feels like it might lead to painful situation or experience. Likewise, it’s not the actual pleasure that motivates … [Read Entire Story]

The Power of Pain and Pleasure Paradigms

Almost all of the choices we make in our daily life are motivated by one of two powerful forces.  The most powerful of these forces is the desire to avoid pain and the second is the desire for pleasure. Everything that we want to do is something we have emotionally linked to pleasure.  Everything we try to avoid doing is something we have linked to pain.  These are the two main paradigms in our life, and we have an emotional association for everything attached to one of these two categories. In essence, life is about pleasure and pain. It’s all a matter of perspective Sometimes … [Read Entire Story]

How Your Beliefs Create Your Reality part 5

So far in this series we have focused mainly on the role of our internal map of reality. We have also talked about how our beliefs serve as our internal map makers. Learning to create a reality that empowers us, rather than limiting us, is certainly a powerful and advanced life skill. This skill, perhaps more than any … [Read Entire Story]

How Your Beliefs Create Your Reality part 4

If our beliefs create our reality, doesn’t that open up a whole world of possibilities? So, the next question we should be asking ourselves is: “What kind of reality have I created?” Simply by asking that question we are actually accomplishing two important steps. First, we are acknowledging our creative ability, and at the same time, we are accepting responsibility for current reality. In parts 1-3 of this series we examined several fundamental ways in which our beliefs influence our reality. One thing that should be abundantly clear by now is the fact that the quality of our life is a reflection of the quality of our beliefs about who we are, and what we are capable of. Knowing that … [Read Entire Story]

Gratitude and Your Mental File Cabinet?

For some reason the natural human tendency leans toward reflecting on our negative experiences rather than our positive ones. At the end of the day, what stands out in your mind? Isn’t it true that we can easily recall the things that went wrong during the day, but have to think about it if we want to remember what touched us with gratitude. This tendency has to do with the way we mentally organize our experiences based on the two very powerful forces in life. What are those forces? 1) Moving away from pain 2) Moving toward pleasure Of these two, moving away from pain is the more powerful. For this reason, painful experiences are stored in … [Read Entire Story]

The Power of Silence

Silence has a certain energy to it like no other energy source. It has the power to get people to think and to act, it can help slow the mind down, and it is a powerful ally in the likes of counseling and life coaching. The trouble with silence is that many people feel the need to fill the void of silence with needless chatter, with TV, with Music, with noise of some kind. Silence can be disconcerting and can make people feel uncomfortable and alone, that’s why the world is filled with TV’s that have been … [Read Entire Story]

10 Simple Things that Make You More Likable

When we get all caught up in the daily grind it’s easy to overlook some basics regarding our personal conduct. There are certain types of favorable behavior that are not as common as they once were and I think this is a good time to consider a few of them. As it turns out, these are the vary behaviors that make others view you as likable. We all know the difference between good manners and rudeness, but sometimes we can benefit from a little review of the simple things that make a big difference. Hopefully, this list will remind all of us about those often overlooked simple… [Read Entire Story]

Surprising Link Between Con Artists, Self-Help and Entrerpeneurs …

Surprising Link Between Con Artists, Self-Help and Entrerpeneurs. MariaK (1) Imagine yourself as a child uprooted from your home, and bouncing from nation to nation as a paperless refugee… Envision the fear of being unexpectedly foreign … [Read Entire Story]

6 Keys to Help You Overcome Fear and Doubt

If you are like most people, you have a goal or a dream that is meaningful and that you want to achieve. That goal may be related to personal growth issues such as weight loss, gaining self-esteem, finding inner peace, increasing your energy levels, or overcoming depression. Or, your goal may include going back to school, entering a new career, or bringing your creative talents into a greater public light. Having a goal is the easy part. Attempting to move through your own inner obstacles can literally leave… [Read Entire Story]

What Kind Of Unique Personality do You Have?

Every one of us is unique in some way, but being labeled as having a unique personality could mean almost anything. So the real question is not “are you unique?” but rather “what kind of unique are you?” There are so many possible answers to that question that trying to identify or describe your own unique personality might prove difficult. After all, what you consider to… [Read Entire Story]

Life Skills for Turning Discomfort into Motivation

We all encounter a degree of resistance in life, it’s simply unavoidable. But does it seem to you like life has been getting more difficult lately? Do you find that it takes more effort to accomplish things that used to be simple? As life gets increasingly more challenging, we naturally need to learn more advanced life skills. To be effective, these new life skills should increase our ability to overcome greater challenges in a… [Read Entire Story]

Challenge Yourself – Do a 100 Day Countdown

It’s about to happen again! Soon there will only be 100 days left before this year is just a memory. That’s not much time, or is it? Have you ever wondered just how much you could accomplish in 100 days if you decided to really challenge yourself? The truth is that 100 days is more than enough time to make some very significant changes in your life, but first you have to decide to make it happen. So, you have a choice. You can let this year run its course and postpone those really big … [Read Entire Story]

What Career is Just Right for You?

Remember when you were little and someone would ask you: What do you want to be when you grow up? For many people, finding the right answer to that career question can seem pretty daunting. Perhaps it’s because deep down inside I think we all feel that there must be something I was meant to do; there must be a career that’s just… [Read Entire Story]

What Makes a Happy Relationship?

Why are some couples happier than others? What is the “secret” for a great relationship? With certain couples it is clear there is something about the way they interact that makes it obvious they have a unique and genuine connection. Even if you’re in a good relationship, you can’t help but wonder: What do they know that I don’t? And if you’re single, you might look at these couples and attribute it all to chemistry or destiny. But it turns out that people in great relationships live by a few basic rules and they make these rules a priority in their day-to-day lives together. Consider these habits that can help … [Read Entire Story]