A Spiritual Thing Happened on the Way to the Market

One time there was a very serious spiritual student who wanted spiritual freedom more than anything else. He found a spiritual master and got up to ask him a question as soon as he could."Dear master, please…."But the master cut him off before he finished his sentence. "My good man. We are all out of milk. Could you get some?"Taken aback, the student objected, "But I have a very important question. I… [Read Entire Story]

Updated Spiritual Realizations and Uncertainty After Releasing an Issue Posts

I'm continuing my blog post updating spree to try and sync up some of my more important spiritual awakening blog posts with my current style of sharing. Some of them have held up well. The post about the feelings that may come after releasing an issue didn't need a ton of work. The post about spiritual realizations was a serious re-write.Understanding realizations and how they can both be enjoyable and unenjoyable was one of a number of points I emphasized in that post. The new feelings after releasing an issue is just a really important experience to understand because otherwise, it is so easy to backslide into old patterns even when we've… [Read Entire Story]

Skipping Steps on the Spiritual Path

The title of this spiritual blog post should make it obvious where I am going with this.You can't skip steps on the spiritual path.But people sure do try.One of my more favorite attempts at avoiding stuff is the "oneness" ego trick. The ego hears that there is nothing it can do to get closer to oneness. We are already one. Therefore, it believes that intellectually understanding this spiritual truth is enough. The ego doesn't investigate itself further nor all the attachments and illusions it has. That's all part of the oneness, right? So what difference does it make if you have a spiritual practice or not?There's a litany of problems with this thinking, and one of the central… [Read Entire Story]

Recording: How to Be Your New "Spiritual" Self

I regularly get a variety of questions that go something like this:How do I get my friends to understand this new spiritual path I’m on?How do I explain to my partner how to be spiritual?How do I find work that aligns with my spiritual truth?These and other questionss are essentially asking the same underlying question: “How do I be my new ‘spiritual’ self?”While they sound rational enough, few people question these questions to find out where they are coming from. This typically leads to what I call “re-papering the prison cell walls.”When someone has a major spiritual shift or even a spiritual awakening, it’s like the wallpaper (illusions) covering the walls of the prison cell… [Read Entire Story]

Updated Posts About Healing, Spiritual Ego, and the Spiritual Path

At the time of this post, I've been blogging for almost 8 straight years. That's a lot of spiritual blog posts. Some have stood the test of time, and some have become dated in terms of how I share my thoughts about spirituality. As such, I've been taking time to re-work some of these older posts … [Read Entire Story]

Online Talk: How to Be Your New "Spiritual" Self

I regularly get a variety of questions that go something like this:How do I get my friends to understand this new spiritual path I’m on?How do I explain to my partner how to be spiritual?How do I find work that aligns with my spiritual truth?These and other questionss are essentially asking the same underlying question: “How do I be my new spiritual self?”While they sound rational enough… [Read Entire Story]

Levels of Conscious Awareness

Any regular reader of this spiritual blog knows that I don't like talking about "levels" of things. It's simply too easy for the ego to grab onto this concept and think they are "better" or "worse" than something or someone else. Someone with self-worth issues may feel like they are "bad" or not "spiritual enough," and other people (often with very similar self-worth issues) may decide that they are better or at a higher vibration than others. So by and large, I find this concept useless or detrimental to people's spiritual development.With all of that said, there are times when understanding spiritual development through levels… [Read Entire Story]

Feeling Uneasy in Spaciousness

There are moments when we arrive at the cusp of a spiritual shift, and in those moments, we can feel uneasy as we start to tip over into an inner space that is new to us. If we make it past the cusp and drop into this spaciousness, a whole new world of understanding can unfold. That understanding or those understandings aren't necessarily intellectual. There are many levels of understanding that arise when we cross a threshold within ourselves, and while it usually feels good at first [Read Entire Story]

3 Spiritual Awakening Posts from 2017 You Might Have Missed

Every year, I write several dozen blog posts, but also every year, a lot of them get missed and only have a few people that ever see them. The massive amounts of online information that we're deluged with makes it hard to stand out, and so I wanted to lift a few 2017 posts out of obscurity and into the light.#1 Expanding the Mind [Read Entire Story]

Recording: Building the Right Spiritual Network

I often talk about the importance of spiritual community, although I want you to consider my rungs of the ladder metaphor in understanding this. When you’re on the first rung of the ladder, that’s important. But later on you, you don’t use the first rung of the ladder when you’re on the sixth. While the spiritual path isn’t that linear, I encourage you to appreciate how we develop. Some things are important at one time, and later on, they’re not important at all. Spiritual community is often one of those things.Initially, having the right spiritual network to guide and support someone can be… [Read Entire Story]

Being Spiritually Ready Versus Prepared

Today's topic is aimed to help separate two very different concepts that get co-mingled. One is about being ready, and the other is about being prepared. Very often, these two ideas are merged together, but I think in the context of spiritual awakening that it is important to separate them with distinct meanings.It's so common for people to have experiences they aren't prepared for and for which their soul is ready, and it's equally common for spiritual seekers to have done tons of preparation and have nothing really emerge. It's kind of like making a baby. By a woman's mid teens, her body is ready. Is she financially, emotionally, intellectually, … [Read Entire Story]

3 Most Popular 2017 Spiritual Awakening Posts

I write so many blog posts each year. Some are hits and some aren't. These 3, however, got a whole lot of love, and so I'm re-sharing them to get them even more love. If you haven't read them, enjoy! If you have read them, then please share this link with others to help them on their spiritual paths.Without further ado, here are the 3 most popular spiritual awakening blog posts that I wrote in 2017.#1 Awakened and Overcome by Crazy Feelings [Read Entire Story]

Online Talk: Feeling Split from your Ego

The first time someone feels split from the ego can be quite shocking. Since most people aren’t prepared for such an experience, a person can jump to all kinds of conclusions and have all kinds of reactions. If someone doesn’t resist, those conclusions can be affirming and allow the person to have a very beautiful experience. If someone does resist, they can freak out and leap to crazy ideas of thinking they’re possessed by a demon or entity!Nope. No possession. You’re just finding out that you’re not your ego.Then, many people go back to their typical identification with their egos, and nothing further happens. However, some people let go just enough that they don’t go back to full identification. Instead… [Read Entire Story]

The First Spiritual Teacher for Most People and Going Beyond

The first spiritual teacher for many, many people is not a person. The first spiritual teacher–and often an ongoing and subsequent teacher for years–is pain and suffering.It's pain and suffering that teaches most people that something is wrong. It's pain and suffering that drives a person to find the truth and to find freedom from the discomfort.Without this motivation, few people do anything with the spiritual path. Most people are happy on the cruise ship while things are working. Few people give God a second-thought. Sure. Some do, and there are some who are simply so passionately called to the Divine that they are willing to shake up their lives and dive… [Read Entire Story]

Recording: How Oneness and Duality Can Coexist

Thanks very much to everyone who has donated to keep the talks going! Thirteen people offered almost $400 in donations. Since I’m offering a talk for every $150 in donations, I’m moving forward on offering two more talks, starting with this one. We’re only $50 away from funding another talk, and if you’d like to support these talks, you can donate here. Leave a note saying that the donation is “for online talks” so that I know. Thanks!Donate to Support More Online TalksWith that said, this talk and the others will continue to be ABSOLUTELY FREE to anyone who wants to come thanks to the generosity others.Oneness and Duality, Together ForeverOneness and duality … [Read Entire Story]

How to Access Subtler Unconscious Energy Fields

Many of you have done amazing work for yourself. You've worked through surface-level issues, top-level issues, and mid-level issues. You've worked on a lot of your core issues and have ground away a few of them. You have released a lot of attachments. Good work!But you may be finding that the journey of releasing attachments is not yet… [Read Entire Story]

5 Misunderstandings About Surrender

Surrender is a common topic on the spiritual path because it is so essential to acknowledging the here now. Primarily, people are actively engaged with fantasies in their minds. They are engaged with fantasies of the ego that project ideas and feelings onto situations rather than seeing the reality of them. The ego is also replicating certain feelings and ideas within people. By replication, I simply mean that it repeats, and that gives people a sense … [Read Entire Story]

Quitting Spiritual Work After Resolving the First Issue

Very often, there is a pain that draws a person to the spiritual path. It's usually something that other means of resolution have failed to resolve. That means the self-help books haven't worked. The therapists haven't helped. Friends and families suggestions have been no good. Maybe medication was tried, and it too… [Read Entire Story]

Losing a Sense of "I" and Individuality

There are many kinds of experiences on the path to spiritual freedom, and one of the interesting ones is this loss of a sense of individuality.This "loss" can be encountered at any stage of the spiritual journey, and depending on how someone engages with it, it can be a beautiful experience or a terrifying one. Sometimes, the loss of the "I" is met with enjoyment at the beginning of someone's journey because it's more like a vacation and not a permanent move. Later on, the same person may be terrified, not because they don't know what this is, but because it's time for the full relocation away from the ego self. … [Read Entire Story]

Recording: Awakening, Food, and Common Sense

Food has become a hot topic in this day and age. In no other time that I know of has food and how it is raised and consumed become such big issues. It used to be that whatever you had nearby was what you ate; end of story.There are a lot of issues at hand, and strangely, some of these are issues caused by wealth. Westerners are amazingly spoiled by things like groceries stores, which bring together vast amounts of food from all around the world in a wide variety of combinations. And yet grocery stores have disconnected people from how their food is raised, manufactured, and so forth. Consider all the ingredients in an… [Read Entire Story]

6 Types of Spiritual-workaholics

As my regular readers know, I’m a proponent of spiritual inner work. Actively identifying and working on releasing ego attachments can be a very important part of the spiritual path. Without work, most people stay in their ego patterns. Human beings are very much creatures of habit.However, any good thing can be done to extremes. Spiritual work can become a crutch or a means to a goal people don’t truly understand. It must be done with the mindset that we are perfect as we are. This runs counter to the way people think of work. They often… [Read Entire Story]

Feeling Your Teacher’s Presence in Daily Life

The power of a student-teacher relationship has many, many aspects, and for some connections, that power extends beyond direct interpersonal connection. It extends into the energetic/spiritual world where we are all one and are never separate from one another. That can create the experience for a student of feeling his/… [Read Entire Story]

Do You Need a Spiritual Teacher?

The question of whether you need a spiritual teacher or not is an interesting one. There are all kinds of opinions about this, but I think it's best to step back and look at a number of important factors in this question.People come to this question with a lot of different presumptions about what a spiritual teacher is and does. They also come with their own ideas about what they want … [Read Entire Story]