Christmas Depression- The Signs to Look For

It’s that time of year when many of us feel low. Why is that? How can you spot the signs of Christmas depression? And what can be done? At an all-time low and need help, fast? Book a Skype therapy session now and be chatting with a friendly, Continue Reading

What boundaries are NOT… [The Relationship Help Doctor]

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Dealing With Difficult Family Members – 9 Important Steps

From attending family gatherings, to dealing with in-laws, or managing a spoilt boomerang child who has moved back home — what are the best ways to deal with difficult family members? Can’t take your family anymore, need to talk to Continue Reading

I Gained Weight. Body Confidence Hacks After Weight Gain

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What is an “Anxious Attachment Style”?

Do your romantic relationships leave you an anxious mess? Do you find yourself worrying about relationships with colleagues and friends? You might have anxious attachment disorder. In pieces over a relationship? Need support? Book affordable Skype Continue Reading

Always Feeling Alone In a Crowd? 7 Real Reasons Why

You have tried all the advice. You joined a gym, attend groups of people who have the same interests as you, make an effort to attend work events. Maybe you even live with a partner.   But you are feeling more alone than ever. How is it possible? Continue Reading

Where digital nomads go to work remotely

In the emerging gig economy, more and more people are choosing to work anywhere they feel like. These are the digital nomads. Thanks to the Internet, we have a world full of digital nomads. In the days of moat diggers and blacksmiths, it was Continue Reading

Iyanla: The Powerful Advice That Boosts Your Self Esteem | #OWNSHOW | Oprah Online

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How to Use a Self-Help Journal to Improve Your Moods

Have you heard about keeping a ‘self help journal’? But found it hard to believe writing about your daily life would help with your anxiety and depression? Journalling can be far more than logging events. Let’s look at new ways you can use Continue Reading

The things shoes can teach us

Dorothy lost hers. I forgot mine. My wife broke hers. I speak of shoes, of course. So why are we all smiling? We each have our reasons, and here they are… Dorothy’s shoes Dorothy is that sweet little girl who broke in that bustin’ Continue Reading

RETRAIN YOUR MIND – New Motivational Video (JOE ROGAN)

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3 Ways to Boost your Self Esteem

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Dark Piano – Depression

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Myths About Domestic Violence We Need to Talk About

Domestic violence has taken a back seat lately to topics like self harm and the #metoo movement. But don’t mistake that for implying the situation is improving – quite the opposite.  Police in the UK have recently seen a 23% increase in Continue Reading

Couple Fighting – How Often Do Healthy Partners Argue?

How often can couple fighting happen before your relationship is toxic? It depends on your definition of ‘fighting’. Need a relationship checkup? Take our free quiz now, “Is Your Relationship Healthy, or Time to Worry?”.  Good and bad Continue Reading

Boundaries and Self Esteem

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What is a Psych Ward? Mental Health Help with Kati Morton

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What is Complex PTSD and do You Have It?

Complex PTSD (CPTSD or c-PTSD) is a relatively new diagnosis. It describes the experience of those who suffered ongoing and inescapable trauma that has left them with long—term emotional, mental, and physical side affects. Is your adult life an Continue Reading

Always Left Feeling Not Good Enough? The Real Reasons Why

Tried positive thinking and affirmations? Read all the advice about self confidence? But deep down still are left feeling not good enough? Feeling inadequate is one thing to understand mentally. But to actually change it and stop beating yourself up Continue Reading

35+ Subfields Of Self-Help

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? How to Gain Confidence In Your Art ? Advice from a Professional Artist ?

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Codependency Symptoms – Do These Modern Day Excuses Hide Yours?

‘Codependency’ was once a hot topic. What happened? Have the symptoms of codependency lessened? Or have we all just become better at hiding them? Suffer from codependency symptoms and want help sooner rather than later? Book a Skype therapist now and Continue Reading

The Different Types of Depression – is One of These You?

Not sure if you are or are not depressed? Learn about the different types of depression and what depression symptoms to look out for. Too depressed to continue, and need to talk to someone who understands? Book a Skype therapist today, be talking as Continue Reading

MY FIRST Personal Development PLAN WITH ME! | At Home With Quita

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